Life of a book

May 8, 2017
By penguinbows BRONZE, Orient, Ohio
penguinbows BRONZE, Orient, Ohio
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      I sit on a shelf all day.I don’t know anything except the words that are in my head.I remember nothing else.I remember only this shelf.I haven’t been here long,but long enough to know how things run on the shelf.Each week on my shelf or someone else's someone new is chosen to go away from the shelf only for a little while,only to return to the shelf once more some torn or others missing pages.I feared the day I would have to leave my shelf.Today however,turned out to be the day I would leave.When my chooser picked me up off my shelf he shoved me into a soft container that he closed once I was inside.It was dark inside only small spots of light,not much else was in my container just me.Finally I was removed from the container but as i was removed I immediately wished I was back inside.The great blue was sad again it's teared poured down on the sidewalk and anyone else out in it.My chooser had then used me to protect me from the tears the great blue was crying.I couldn’t breath around the tears that were falling down onto my face.I was beginning to drown and then I passed out.I never made it back to my shelf with my brothers of the pages.I died behind my chooser’s couch,never read,never opened,drowned in the outside by the great blue tears.

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