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May 5, 2017
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The World We Face Blasting music, the ticking of the antique clock, the whispers and screams of the human voice, I heard it all. The mouth has always been a good friend of mine.I have gone through a lot and have heard it all. What I could not comprehend was the warning the mouth was practically shouting at me. There was a sharp piece of metal approaching me? Was I going to be cut off? This could not be! I have always been kind to my owner! I grew red in fear, I was boiling. The unstoppable needle entered me in a way I never have been entered before! My acquaintances, the eyes were definitely sympathizing for me. The pressure relieved as the piercing object was removed. A slight pulsing feeling remained, but anything was better than the verge of explosion I was at earlier. As I listened to my owner walk over to somewhere, the eyes and mouth worked together to tell me something. It turns out I was accessorized. I possessed a gleaming gem within me. The mouth opened and chuckled the words, “Beauty hurts.”

Education Jungle Summer was so close I could feel the aching red burns, and the days starting at noon. I don’t know how many more days I can take it here. Not many people care about your feelings at school. Plus I’m out of supplies. Either way, I was beyond ready to get out of here. It was finals week. I’m hoping I can return next year, but who knows with the grades that have come up lately. Summer keeps me sane. As I grabbed my bags and walked out on the final day I smiled. Despite the rude kids and endless hard work I really love being a teacher. Relationships Daisy couldn’t handle the rough days anymore. She was prepared to feel the summer breeze and feel the constant freedom. Rose strongly disagreed. Rose adored the months they struggled through. Opposites must really attract. Lily didn’t know who she agreed with. Therefore she was two faced and agreed with one when they were alone and vice versa. She meant well. She was just trying to fit in. On the other hand, Sally stayed away from their communication. She enjoyed the isolation. She loved observing it all. The garden was her favorite place to visit.

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