April 26, 2017
By HarryJefferson BRONZE, Forest Grove, Oregon
HarryJefferson BRONZE, Forest Grove, Oregon
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"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”
-Robin Williams

 “Stop! Stop! Stop!” I shouted hitting my head with clenched fists. Maybe- no I had ruled out that I wasn’t asleep. But if
I wasn't asleep where the hell was I ? What other place could render my senses almost completely useless.  I looked around at a white imposible nothing and almost barfed. I couldn't really be in nothing… could I?
  “ This is impossible!” I yelled trying to convince myself that what was happening was indeed against everything i had ever been taught. That i couldn't just br  in nowhere.
In the end though I couldn't handle the white, the nothing, the uselessness of my senses- it broke my mind- shattered it to a million pieces- leaving me alone and demented in a sea of white.
                                                                   .   .   .
   The air was stale as I took yet another breath. Why wasn't I dead? I should of been dead long ago, at this point anything would of been better then the suffocating feeling that the walls brought on as they closed in around me. I whimpered, trying to hold back real tears.
    “Can you let me out please?” I asked no one in particular. After a few more seconds I let the tears flow down my face.
I didn't think i would ever get out.
                                                         .   .   .
  Thousands of disgusting little bugs surrounded me, their pincers making horrid clicking sounds as their blood red wings brought them steadily closer to me.
  I had gone through this fear so many times it was ridiculous. I imagine that any other sane person would be used to the terror by now. but not me.
  I screamed like a banshee as the bugs all flew at me at once. Their clicking almost immediately overwhelmed my screams weas the bugs started finding their way inside me.
  Blindly i ran without hope of escaping. I could feel the bugs crawling within me- under my skin, in my throat, in my stomach, making so i could not only hear the clicking but feel it emanating from inside of me.
They were intent on filling me up like a balloon. They wanted me to go *pop*.
  I stopped, and for a brief second all movement and sound inside and outside my body stopped along with me. I waited blindly for the horrible pain that i knew would come next... Then with a ripping sound my torso exploded leaving me helpless on the floor, covered in not only bugs but little bits of me.
  For a split second i was dumb enough to believe that the blood loss would kill me before the room would reset, that i would die before the freaking bugs could go back to their revolting clicking.
  Then I was standing upright again- whole but not safe as the foul little bugs surrounded me.
                                                                                                                   .      .      .

Now that you have seen the depths of hell would you like to book a hotel? I hear that the master suite, room 666 just opened up.
Well if you change your mind our undead staff will gladly take your sol- i mean call. At 1-800-damnation.
Thank you!
Have a great life.
See you soon, you dont have much time.

The author's comments:

i wrote this in resonse to my own worst fears, open spaces, closed spaces, and being attaked by millions of bugs. i know its not the happiest story ever but if you stick with it youll get a finny surprise at the end!!!

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