Never Know

April 27, 2017
By Anonymous

The crystalline rays of sunlight pour through the window. My body stiff as if i was left in the freezer for too long. No signals from my brain are reaching the limbs attached to my being. I finally manage to stand and hobble my way to the restroom attached to the room I am in. Flipped the switch for the light and peered at my face in the mirror. Crusty of mud and blood, I’m not sure which red streaks are mine.
  I want to be free of all that reminds me of the previous day, a day I barely survived. So I soaked a towel with a trickle of water and commence to give myself a sponge-bath. The body odor, given off by my pours, burns my nose hairs. Trying not to make too much noise or else the might hear me. Clean as I’m gonna get, I gather my things, fill my bottle, grab my bat, and climb out the second story window. When I get to the highest point of the house, I look out. Nothing was clearly audible, I’ve never seen a street so quiet. There were roughly twenty of them stumbling around like drunken boxers, only some have visible bite marks.
  A loud, “Help me!’ was heard from a distance. It sounded like a man, then I saw this man, running toward me but then those things cut him off. They tore him apart, he is screaming choking on his own blood. The street became silent once again.
  I saw an opening as they surrounded the man’s body. Once I hit the ground I sprint so fast the wind can’t even up. Looking for food is my first priority at the moment, so i run to the nearest corner store. I’ve realized they are attracted to sound. So I shatter one of the windows to the store to draw any of them out that might be inside. No response, I ease my way in. I’m gripping my bat so tight the rubber tape feels like sandpaper against my palms. When I’m convinced the coast is clear I gather any sustenance that i can find. Even though more than three quarters of what was there to begin with is gone.
  After I load my pack with what I can, I kick the door to the back area open. I hear footsteps stumble toward me. I take my stance, just as coach had taught me, feet shoulder width apart, elbow up, and eyes ready for anything that might occur. When it came through the doorway I fired my hips and drove the blunt end of the bat right to the temple of this creature. It fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes, but I was not taking any chances and I laid my bat across its face twice more.
  Going through the rooms of the back area, I come across one door that seems to be locked.
  I knock and say, “Hello, anyone alive in there?” I heard what sounded to be heavy objects being pushed out of the way. The door swings open to a stunning young women, I’d say about four years older than I and two mean, not necessarily old, but in their late twenties I’d say.
  “I’m Sora, and y’all?” I say.
  Who seemed to be the oldest spoke for all three of them, “I’m Jim, this is Dill, and Jo my younger siblings. Thank you for getting rid of that zombie.”
  “ Zombie?” I exclaim.
  “Yeah, that’s what they are called in movies anyway.”, said Jo.
“I don’t watch much TV.”
  Dill finally spoke, “Are you hungry, we have some food from this store, if you would like some.”
I take off my pack and say, “Naw, I’m good, I have some food here.” point at the backpack.
“We should close this door so we can talk at ease.”, I say. Then I start toward the door to close it but suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my back, where my lung is, It felt as if i was stabbed. Before I could figure out what had happened I was tossed from the little room and I heard the door slam as well as things barricading the door.
  I believe my lung was punctured considering all the blood I was coughing up. Then I hear the erie steps, I use the last of my strength to meet my maker face to face, the so called zombie. No, I was not beaten by these monsters, I was taken down by humans, but it’s probably all one and the same.  

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