demonic love

May 4, 2017
By Anonymous

when the boy doesnt return the demons feeling she goes on a murder rampage it is an interesting short story

Chapter 1: demonic love

Once upon a time there was a boy who was an outcast he was rejected by everyone even his mom and dad. He had no friends the only friend he had was an imaginary friend. They spent many wonderful days together the boy told his friend everything. His friend was a demon named Kayla. Kayla was very protective of the boy and anyone who came near him was murdered. The boy set boundaries, such as Kayla couldn’t kill his family. The reason Kayla killed anyone that came near the boy is because she had very strong affections for him. Unfortunately he didn't feel the same about her but she knew that his love would come sooner or later. Anyone that so much as looked at the boy the wrong way was dead within the hour. On the boy’s sixteenth birthday she figured out the best way to surprise him and make him fall in love with her. She took the form of a beautiful sixteen year old girl and just like that she wasn't imaginary anymore. Her plan worked like a charm he was falling for her instantly. What she thought was funny was how he had no idea it was her. She waited a couple of days before she told the boy that she was the girl he was in love with. A couple of days after he met the beautiful girl the boy went to a spot in the woods where him and Kayla always met up. He was all excited to tell her about the girl he had met and fallen in love with  but when she didn't show up he got worried. “Are you ok?” a voice said from behind. He jumped it was the girl.

“Yea i’m ok just waiting for a friend, we always come here to talk about anything that’s on our minds”

“Aww thats so sweet how long have you been friends?”

“Since i was old enough to talk she is my best friend, my only friend”

Kayla sighed she knew she had to tell him the truth even if it meant losing him forever she had ruined his trust, and she had deceived him. She knew that she couldn’t help it, she couldn’t stop her demonic nature. She thought that if she took the form of a beautiful human girl he might love her but she, a demon, could never be loved.

“Michael… there is something i need to tell you it’s kind of important”

“Yes? What is it?”

“It’s me michael, it’s me...kayla”


“I transformed myself into a girl your age so you would maybe love me the same way i love you”

“How dare you Kayla?”

“I did it so that you would love me”

“I did love you kayla the way you were why do you think i called you angelic nightmare for twelve years”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you were a figment of my imagination i thought it wouldn’t work”

“It can work now”

“No you lied to me and tricked me...goodbye”

And just like that he left, Kayla was heartbroken she sat on the ground and buried her face in her hands and cried until she had no tears left. Her broken heart told her that she needed to get revenge on the boy that broke her heart. Kayla went on a killing rampage she went out killing his few friends he had at school, his pitbull that he loved a lot,and eventually his mom and dad and 7 year old sister. Michael came home one day to his entire family dead in his living room. He started to dial 911 and he heard a familiar voice say “put the phone down!” he dropped his phone on the ground and she started moving towards him slowly with a gun in one had and a knife in the other. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Simply revenge for a broken heart” she replied.
“You don’t have to do this!”
“Oh i don’t? You rejected me when i gave you all my love”
“So you kill my family and now me look at yourself! You’re crazy”

So she tackled him to the ground and they fought he had punched her a lot of times, she punched back. It was a bloodbath she got sick of the petty fighting and screamed “ENOUGH!” then she grabbed the knife and held it to his throat and said “one last can end this madness right now if you say you will be with me” the boy replied “i’d rather die than be with a monster like you, DO IT! KILL ME!” and so she did. She had stabbed him in the heart. Later that evening she couldn’t stand the pain and guilt of what she had just done so she stabbed herself in the heart so that their souls would be together for eternity.


The author's comments:

i just love to write i write whatever comes to mind

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