May 2, 2017
By Bel_55 SILVER, Hemet, California
Bel_55 SILVER, Hemet, California
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I woke up this morning just like I do everyday, unwillingly. At first, I didn’t think anything was different. I looked in the mirror, saw what was staring back at me, and began to get ready. Nothing new. It wasn’t until I got a phone call; the phone call that was the beginning of a nightmare.          The call was from my brother, who usually calls me every week, just to check up. I slowly brought the phone up to my ear and got ready to say hello. No words. None. Zip. I could no longer speak. What happened while I was asleep? How could this be? I frantically grasp for my voice. My heart thumps and thumps, thank god I know it’s working. My brother eventually hangs up after silence rings through the telephone. I start pacing my house not knowing what to do. How can someone live a life with no words. How can someone survive. Sure, there’s other ways to speak but none so special as the human voice.           I decide to get out of the house and get something to eat. Food solves all problems right?  I walk down the slight windy hill that my apartment resides on and continue my journey for about four blocks. I walk into a small, cozy cafe and sit down on a bar stool facing the window. The waiter comes over to me. I proceed to write my order on a napkin as she looks at me in confusion. I mouth “thank you” as I hand her the napkin and watch her walk away. I wait for my food to arrive impatiently. When my food finally arrives I begin eating, and to my shock, I don’t taste anything. I take another bite and realize, I can’t smell what I’m eating either. I hop up out of my stool, slam my money on the table, and rush out of the restaurant. I begin running up the hill and head back to my apartment. As I run the sound of the city and cars rushing down the street subsides; I am now deaf. Should I see a doctor? Do I have some sort of illness? Anxiety rushes through my body. I shake and tremble as I reach for my keys and try to unlock my apartment door. I take some sleeping pills and lie down in my bed. I drift off.              I wake up. A black abyss engulfs me. I am blind. I am afraid. I can feel the soft and cool blankets on my body but I know my sense of touch will slowly leave me as well. I can’t do anything about it now, I am stranded. I miss my senses. 

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