The Last Masquerade

May 2, 2017
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The night held dominion over much of what was once called home. It has almost been 17 years since our land had been corrupted by those who would fear a fair fight. The reigning king has sealed himself away in his fortress whilst his minions were sent to exterminate what light was left. Villages upon villages where slaughtered in the name of this false emperor, so it was a simple matter of when the darkness would reach mask. Our simple village which unfortunately for its inhabitance was the last location on what would become known as the campaign of devastation which would plague this land.

The mayor of this once proud city called for a celebration of his daughter’s engagement, for he feared that soon heaven and hell would be packed with fresh souls. Almost immediately dread filled this young politician was too much for one mere mortal to bear. “But how” he thought to himself, “How could death be but hours away and still be presented as a celebration”. No matter the cause he wished for this daughter and the people to be happy, so in the Hallowed Halls of Ceremonies the masquerade was to be housed, and it begun prominently at 8 pm with the sound of the purified white clock that stood in dining room. The orchestra played a melody that soothed all those in attendance including the princess and her fiancé

As those in attendance swung to and fro to the music that can only ne describe of the symphony of destruction, the prince whispered to his wife, “ My love on account of what will occur, let us dance the night away as if it were our beginning and not our end”. The Princess nodded as the waltzer’s made a hole for the new couple, as the band continued to play as cannon fire could be heard in the distance.

The almost certain threat of death did not rattle the couple, for it was the love they felt for each other could not merely be destroyed. This love transcended the mortal bond of existence, after all it is this love that has sheltered them for this genocide for this long. The music stopped as the armies of mad men were at the door pounding away as the two embraced for a final time and kissed as the infantry stormed the building and murdered all who were present. In that instant the clock struck midnight and through all the blood shed the clock maintained its purified white color; protected by those who loved but were unable to enjoy their company for long. Their love transcended the bonds of petty morality and thus are now together in eternity.

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