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May 2, 2017
By Fefefe BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fefefe BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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A loud groan can be heard from the field as soon as Feven dropped her water bottle to the ground.

Mother Earth: Ugh, what a pain…

Feven: What?

Mother Earth: I said what a pain, don’t you know better than to liter? Of course, no one ever listens to me and continues to do so anyway.

Feven looked down at her feet, to the grass she was standing on… seeing how the sound can be heard from there.

Mother Earth: Wait, you can hear me… oh no…

Feven: Who’s... talking…?

Mother Earth: Wow, for the first time in forever, someone can hear me… and it turns out to be an idiot.

Feven: What?

Mother Earth: Jeez, it’s me, Mother Earth! Mother Nature!

Feven: Where are you?

Mother Earth: Why, I’m this flower here…

Feven turns to the small patch of flowers growing just beside her feet.

Feven: … Which one?

Mother Earth: All of them.

Feven stares at the flowers.

Mother Earth: I’m this mushroom right behind you.

Feven quickly turns to face the thin mushroom behind her.

Mother Earth: I’m the trees.

Feven looks ahead to the trees in the distance.

Mother Earth:  I’m the pink and orange clouds that form in the sky, just as dawn passes.

Feven looks up to the sky.

Mother Earth: I’m your home that surrounds you… I am you.

Feven: … What?

Mother Earth: Ok, saying “I’m you” might be a stretch, but seriously, recognize me already! I’m Mother Earth.

Feven: Mother Nature…

Feven sits down on the grass as she gazed at the sky.

Feven: …Why is it that I can hear you? What the, am I dreaming?

Mother Earth: Uh, no, I don’t think you are.

Feven: Wait, what?

Mother Earth: Yes, “this is crazy”, blah, blah, blah.

Feven: What’s going on… Oh wow… I really must’ve lost it now…

Mother Earth: Oh dear, don’t think too hard now, don’t want you to get hurt…

Feven fixed her gaze at the trees ahead.

Mother Earth: … I mean. you are the only one that can hear me as of now...

Feven: What are you talking about?

Mother Earth: Still don’t get it, do you?

Feven: Tell me.

Mother Earth: You can hear me… that means your are the one destined to fix this wretched “Earth” you live in, to make change to the habits you humans have adopted into this world.

Feven: … You mean… things like global warming.

Mother Earth: Precisely.

Feven: And pollution.

Mother Earth: Yes!

Feven: And tree consumption.

Mother Earth: Oh it hurts just thinking about it… but yes, you are chosen to stop these things from continuing.

Feven: I’m destined you say… I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m the right person for this, find someone else that would be of better use. I truly hope you can resolve this problem!

Mother Earth: You hope I can resolve this problem… oh, well, shows how much you really care, huh?

Feven: No! I just, I want to see a change too, I try my best not to do anything that would harm our home, but in terms of making big changes to our society, I don’t think I can do it. My voice is too little to be heard or felt.

Mother Earth: That won’t matter, you were chosen to stop our suffering, so you will truly feel how much I endure as each day passes. You will feel your heart freeze as the next iceberg melts, you will see the sky you’ve always thought was pure blue fade into grey, you will hear my screams as the next tree gets cut down every second… you will share my experience as if you are a part of me.

Feven: Why, why me of all people did you chose to potentially save the world? I’m not worth it.

Mother Earth: Who knows? I didn’t want an idiot to save our world either, but it’s you now. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually come to understand what it feels like to rot. Call yourself the daughter of nature.

Feven runs back home discouraged, and lets the night pass by without much thought about Mother Earth’s words. That is, until dawn breaks again.

Feven, while breathless: Hey, Mother Nature!

Mother Earth remains silent, and Feven collapses onto her knees from exhaustion after running up her from the hills.

Feven: Please, come out, please! I’m… experiencing feelings I’ve never felt before… what is this? What’s going on?

Silence continues.

Feven: Mother Earth!

Feven clutches her head as the throbbing sound of wails suddenly starts again, causing the world to spin.

Feven: Please… hear me out…

Feven drops on the grass, squeezing her eyes shut, but the screams continue. 

Feven: Is this… you?

The sound of the cries starts to sound familiar, and begins to fade into a small ringing.
Feven watches the grass move gently as the world continues to spin, beginning to recognize the sound of the ringing.

Feven: I’m sorry…

Feven traces over the grass with her fingers.

Feven: So this is how it feels…

Feven flinches as the next iceberg melts, pieces of ice fall and crash into the ocean, chunks of ice blew fast - like the flower petals that wiped in the wind, blowing over her face.

Feven: Cold…

The screams die down.

Mother Earth: Colder than that iceberg that once existed.

Feven: I’m sorry.

Mother Earth: What are you apologizing for? You’re only expressing half of what I feel everyday, only half of the screams and pain I feel every time a human causes a part of me to rot.

Feven: It feels… so wrong, not like before, it was always wrong! But… this time… it feels as if something important to me is being crushed, behind my back…. I don’t know what to do.

Mother Earth: It’s suppose to, these are the feelings that you were so suppose to feel, now noticeable, and no longer hidden in the ignorance of your human nature. No one but you can feel just as much pain as I do at this very moment. Not only you and I, but as well as the other animals that are being dragged along into this aging too.

Feven lifts herself up from the grass.

Feven: It feels awful.

Mother Earth: I know.

Feven: I’m sorry.

A long silence passes over the two, the wind blows harder.

Mother Earth: It’s been so long since I’ve heard that, but it’s annoying. Something so sincere, said with so little sympathy.

Feven: I’m sorry…

Mother Earth: Stop that.

The wind stops blowing.

Feven, voice begins to crack: I’m so sorry.

Mother Earth: Really, stop that.

A new emotion swells up inside of Feven, something much bigger than the screams and terrors from before.

Feven: Really, I’m so sorry.

Mother Earth: Oh jeez.


Mother Earth: Look up at me.

Feven turns to the same patches of flowers from yesterday, bending from the wind, to the trees from the distance that seemed to have shrunk in numbers since yesterday. She finally looks up to the sky, grey as ever, and dread washes over her face.

Mother Earth: Really now, if you can’t stop apologizing, try to get the rest of the world to do so.

Feven: How confident are you in me?

Mother Earth: Not at all, but this empathy link can change a person.

The the unknown emotion grows even more.

Feven: I don’t know…

Feven keeps her eyes focused on the cloudy sky.

Mother Earth:  Then let me ask you this. do you want to change?

The feeling takes over her.

Feven: Yes.

Feven squints at the sky, the wind blow gently, and  finally notices the smile she couldn’t see, but somehow felt from small holes of sunlight that shot through the clouds.

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