King Of Cups

April 26, 2017
By Hero.of.Nothing BRONZE, Veneta, Oregon
Hero.of.Nothing BRONZE, Veneta, Oregon
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The sunset lined the trees of the Irish Countryside like a soft memory; Slowly burning into your mind as you remember.

Chapter 1: King Of Cups

The sunset lined the trees of the Irish Countryside like a soft memory; Slowly burning into your mind as you remember.
Edgar watched it, resting his arms of the stone railing of the Balcony a metal pint rested in his hands with golden ale filling it with meaning - Paying him reminder to the Joyous melodies of the celebration behind him. He turned himself to the view of the menagerie of colourful gowns and rosey faced noblemen. He watched them resting their heads upon bosoms. The night grew dim and cold, but he himself was not cold given the ecstatic heat from the party.
The King mosied his way towards his advisor “ Edgar: old friends how are you still sober? Be merry and drink! That's what is deserved after showing those scuts the door!” he cheered drunkenly, taking another drink of ale as it sparkled in the light of the waving candles.
      “Sire excuse me, but i think it be wise to be sobered, you never know the troubles that might lie ahead.” Edgar suggested, clenching down on the metal pint.
“Nonsense! Drink and be merry! Drink and be merry!” the king exclaimed and he made his way towards promiscuous maidens peacocked upon his brandished chair. People drank, and as they drank they celebrated while the sky turned from it noble blues of honest nature to dark  untrusted greys, and as men indulged in forbidden flesh the land turned sour.
The sky thundered and from the sky descended a maiden with hair of fiery nature and eyes like war that gleamed against he paled skin. She walked with fury in her step as she clutched a single spear and housed a crow on her shoulder.
“Its Babd Catha! Babd is here!” Edgar screamed as he began to trembled on his knees. For her eyes pierced him with anger like daggers sent from the heavens.
“How dare ye! Your trife has yet to end! Yet you spoil yourselves on flesh of women and drink of stupor. You anger me and in it you anger the gods! All who feign ignorance shall suffer my wrath!” Her words shook the very earth they stood on and the sky clapped with thunder to her words. From the Horizon a wave swept everyone over with cold, bitter sea as she turned her cauldron. Winds of fury pierced their eyes and thunder struck the unfaithful.
By the end of the night it was only Edgar sitting alone atop a hill. Shaken with tears as he watched the sunrise creep over the misted tree tops, as a crow landed to rest down beside him.
“You shall be the king to lead the new kingdom, but do not tempt your fate for greed is a poisonous grievance.” He spoke and then flew off into the sky as the sun took over the new world. The sunrise was a cleaning taking your sorrows and worries in new light. It washed over edgar as he felt the weight of a new king.

Chapter Notes:

Thanks for reading I guess? im not very good but hell at least its out there

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