April 19, 2017
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Coming of Age

A snowstorm was beginning to brew and people everywhere were hustling towards their small home, to escape the cold . “Steady your gun, boy,” Abram’s mother called. “I’m afraid,” he replied. He tightened his grip on the gun, beginning to shake. “Tighten your grip.” She said. “This is your supper.” Abram’s grip got even tighter. “It’s cold.” He said. “I can’t see anything.” His mother began to become frustrated with him. “You want to eat or not,” she said. “I don’t want to hurt him,” he said with a broken voice. “Pull the trigger, she said sternly. “In this world, it is kill or be killed.” Not wanting to disobey his mother anymore any more than he already had, he slowly squeezed the gun, waiting nervously for the sound of the gunshot. “Ouch!” He exclaimed as the bullet shot out the barrel. Terra fell to the floor with a great thud. “Well done, boy!” She said. “Now finish your kill.”
“But, she’s my friend.” He said. “That’s my best friend!”
“I’m not repeating myself, boy,” she said. Abram knew it wouldn't be wise to disobey his mother so he held his breath and went towards Terra. He lifted his knife and slit her throat. “Yuck!” he said in disgust, “I got blood all over myself!” Ignoring his complaints, Abram’s mother says, “Drag it inside and start up a fire,” she said.
“Yes, Mama,” He said. He could not believe what he had just done. “I’m heading inside, meet me there” she said as she began the hike towards their cottage while Abram prepared Terra for the trek back home. When Abram finally returned to his home, he set Terra down on a large metal table and pulled out the knives. He then proceeded to chop her up. Anything for his mother.

Sperm Donor

The first time he saw the child he was startled that the boy looked nothing like him. My son. He gently picked up the small potato-like being. The small baby was wrapped with blue cloth and smelt of lavender. A pure being. It slept peacefully cradled across his chest. It were as if he knew who his father was. “Landon Jr.,” he muttered under his breath. Police cars could be heard dashing through the street with their street lights blaring. Landon froze, his feet cemented to the ground. He then rocked his son’s warm, white body in his arms. He was interrupted by a loud banging sound on the glass door behind him. There were two men dressed in police uniforms with handguns holstered to their side. Landon shrieked, shoved his son into his shirt, and sprinted out the other door. The police shot the door down behind him and chased after. They were right on his tail and were closing in on Landon and his son. Landon abruptly turned a corner and noticed a fire extinguisher on his side. He threw it to the floor with one powerful nudge and it exploded. The entire room was enveloped with white smoke and all visibility was blocked. He sprinted even faster with new found hope in his heart. “He’s mine”, he thought, “I finally have a son.”    He turned to the right and concealed himself in a small closet. He took his son out of his shirt and held him so that they're looking eye to eye. “I love you, Landon,” he whispered, trying to catch his breath. He then proceeded to grab Landon Jr. from his ankles and dangle him upside down. Landon jr. began to weep. Landon lifted his son until he was over his head and then he brought him down with great force. He smashed his son onto the floor and watched as his body exploded inside out. Landon was covered in blood and organs. He threw the carcass to the floor and began to rummage through the body for any organs. He found his boy intestines and ripped them out of his body. He then started to search through his head for any bits of brain. He claws at his son’s shattered skull and stuffs bits of brain into his son’s intestines. A meal fit for a king.
The Race

I never thought that i’d reach this point. My job hunt has proved to be useless. I was rejected from everywhere. After this, I turned to what I love the most. Cars. Now I'm here. Sitting behind the wheel and revving my engine. Racing is pretty profitable too. Dangerous, but profitable. Little did I know this would be my last race. Do I regret it? No. A short fun life is better than a long boring one. I’m happy with my choices.

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