Inner City Dream

April 18, 2017
By Keith Leonarad BRONZE, League City, Texas
Keith Leonarad BRONZE, League City, Texas
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The city stays crowded and extremely overwhelmed. People pace carefully avoiding the cars even though at times it can seem almost impossible as if you are on the last level in a video game trying to escape the main boss. The cement stays a slippery wet surface like the back of a frog knowing that no matter how hard you try to hold onto it, will eventually slip through your fingers. Steam from the city builds up and creates a thicker atmosphere similar to those in old cliché zombie movies where they open a canister that they know they shouldn’t be opening and when they do open it, it makes the sky seem dark and gloomy almost seeming as if everything was in greyscale. But the traffic lights stick out because they stay lit all throughout the night and day. You can hear the car tires screeching from when they suddenly have to stop to avoid hitting someone even though it seems like you are hardly moving because you are always stuck behind lights you can hear the gears of the car shifting almost as they are slipping right before you finally stop. When you do stop you look around and see how the restaurants seem to go on forever and the small shop seem to carry on until your eyes can’t even adjust and you look up and realize the buildings seem to go on forever almost as when you look up they never stop as if they go on for infinity.

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A vivid description

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