April 18, 2017
By Zachnielsen GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Zachnielsen GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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High School with woods class
A Monday
Brand new outfit
Bag lunch with spaghetti.

1 Starting your day by getting up and showering hoping it will be a good day.

2 You're running late so you quickly grab your backpack and bag lunch then go to your car.

3 On the way to school you are driving with the windows down and sunglasses on enjoying the morning dew on the grass and the sun rising beginning to touch your skin, not paying attention there is a gravel truck in front of you and it drops the whole load of rocks and sand. The rocks crack windshield and scratch up all the paint.

4 Your car is not totaled so you finish up your drive and get to school on time and think it is still going to be a good day because you have a brand new outfit.

5 Get out of car and grab lunch but the bag rips and you get all red spaghetti sauce all over brand new white shoes.

6 You deal with all of the pain of your car and shoes being messed up but your day isn't over, you go to your woods class and you are cutting material and you slice your index finger just a little bit. It is hanging on by just a little flesh and skin. You go to the hospital to have it sewn back on and in the ambulance they ask to see your phone to call parents but when they take your phone it slips out of their hand and without a case hits the floor shattering the whole screen.

7. This is the most certain way to have the worst afternoon possible.

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