Recipe for the Perfect Day at the Beach

April 18, 2017
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A dab of sunscreen
A wink of your favorite sunglasses
A moonbeam of beach towels
Mounds of watermelon
Cartons of sandwiches
A moment of ice cream cones
A heap full of ice cold water bottles
A garden of your best friends
A lifetime of sunshine
A galaxy of ocean
An acre of beachline
An ocean of giggles
An empire of smiles


First and foremost, apply your dab of sunscreen before hitting the beach (you need to protect your skin while having fun and this way you don’t have to apply it at the beach). Make sure it’s a beautiful sunny day out with at least a seventy temperatures so you can be sure to grab your all time favorite sunglasses. Pack your cooler full with mounds of watermelon, cartons of sandwiches and moments of icecream for an assured good time. Make sure to also pack your moonbeam of beach towels for you and your garden of best friends accompanying you. Once arrived at the beach be ready to receive a lifetime full of sunshine that will be hitting your skin, along with an ocean of giggle and an empire of smiles. Stay hydrated so you can keep lounging away in the perfect beach day and drink a water bottle from the whole heap that you brought. Splash around in what seems to be a galaxy of ocean and stroll the acre full of beach with your BFF. Following these steps, you are for sure going to have the best beach day ever!

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