How to Make a War

April 18, 2017
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-1 alliance of enemy countries that you can rally your country against
-At least 1 ally with equal or more ingredients
-20 battalions of infantry
-10 armor divisions
-10 fighter squadrons
-8 bomber squadrons
-4 battleships
-3 aircraft carriers
-optional: misc. submarines, destroyers, cruisers, transports
-An experienced commander
-Blueprints for experimental jet planes

1. Send 3 battalions of infantry and 1 armor division into your weak and vulnerable neighbor. (Make sure to be lightning fast so your enemy has less time to counterattack)
2. Get your ally/allies to use half of their ingredients to watch your eastern front.
3. Move 10 infantry battalions, 7 armor divisions, 3 fighter squadrons, and 3 bomber squadrons with the other half of your ally’s ingredients to make a multinational attack force in a territory of strategic importance. (Save the rest of your land ingredients to protect your capital.)
4. Use your new multinational force to eliminate any enemy ingredients in territories that can be move on land to attack you.
5. During step 4 use your 4 battleships, 3 aircraft carriers, 7 fighter squadrons, 2 bomber squadrons, and your (optional) misc. boats to cut off enemy sea and air supply routes.
6. Then your enemy may gain a new ally,  after this they attempt an invasion of your new territories.  Use your remaining ingredients to defend your new territories and capital.  If needed use your blueprints for experimental jet planes as a secret weapon to eliminate the enemy invasion forces with lightning fast counter attacks
7. If you successfully defend your territories use your remaining ingredients to conquer the enemies territories.

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