April 20, 2017
By TigerLily17 SILVER, Ionia, Michigan
TigerLily17 SILVER, Ionia, Michigan
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Exodus 33:14 ¨The Lord replied, ´I will personally go with you, Moses, and everything will be fine for you.´¨

I stared at the broken chess piece forlornly. A bitter breeze, swift and sly, tresspassed through the shattered window and tickled the hairs on my arms.


A melancholy moon glimmered from way up above, smiling sadly down on me, standing in this desolate place, the broken remainder of my life.


The moon's suitors surrounded it, glittering senuously, flirtatious twinkles catching my eye. My dress rustled with each shift of the gentle night.


I was alone here, in the island of my thoughts, without a cure for the isolation.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece randomly when the power was out. My siblings and I were sitting at the dining room table, draped in blankets, and it was gusty outside. That moment inspired me, and words came for the kind of isolation that I had felt. I didn't edit it at all, so I hope you enjoy it anyway! :)

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