A Recipe for a Happy Teen

April 16, 2017
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A mound of confidence
A heap of awesome friends
A twinkle of optimism
A dash of a good wardrobe
A smithereen of adventures
A harvest of smiles
A heaping of good grades

Start young, make sure the confidence is built at a young age.
Always do your homework.
Make amazing friends along the way so that you are never alone
Shop for a good wardrobe of outfits that are unique to you.
Hang out with friends and make plans to do things.
Always follow through with plans.
Go on adventures with said friends. Example are going on  road trips, going to fun places, go on vacation together, go on long drives to places and etc.
Do silly things and don’t care what others think.
If things don’t go your way be optimistic and hope for the best
Smile a lot.

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