I am a Bendy Straw

April 16, 2017
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“What would you like to eat?” the waiter asks the little girl. She looks at her mom for approval of her choices. Her mom nods.“ One vanila milkshake with a pink bendy straw please.” she says with an unmatchable enthusiasm. “Sounds great.” the waiter adds. The waiter then smiles adds a nod as he walks away to go place the order for the vanila milk shake.

The anticipation builds as it seems that the waiter has taken years to bring the cold drink to the table. Her mom brings up questions such as “How was school?” and “How are your friends?” to keep her distracted as time goes by like a turtle walking across the street.

The young girl spots the tall glass of the icy beverage with one light pink bendy straw. The waiter brings over the glass spilling over with a milk shake. The light pink straw tied up in knots. The girl smiles from ear to ear in anticipation of the vanilla drink. She takes the first long gulp of her milkshake, then takes another long slurp of the shake. “Slow down, you’re going to get brain freeze!” her mom says. But she does not care, she is the happy and joyous over the sugary snack. With the last swig of her milkshake she looks down and smiles with glee, for she has conquered the whole thing.

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