A Hard Hit

March 15, 2009
By Anonymous

A new coach, new team, new team, new teammates, and new captains, I can hear someone embarrassing calling my name and I found him in no time at all.

Three weeks after tryouts my team started our absolute favorite practices of all time, conditioning. Ladders, Hurdles, Suicides, and Sprints as a coach wearing a huge devious smile, stood before us. We could all feel our cores sore already by just looking at it! July seemed like it would take forever to arrive! It means it is the end of conditioning practice and onto the soccer field for skills. Throughout this whole time, I, Gracie, worked so hard in order to get that valuable position as being captain of my team, United Red. Today's the day, the day we all have been waiting for, not only the first day of field practice, but the day we vote for captains. 'And drum roll please,' our coach said pounding on his knees trying to get us to do the same, 'Our new captains for the year are Gracie and Kelsey. Congratulations, you two!' Words could not describe how ecstatic I was, I wanted to bring this team together.

The next day, we went out to practice and my first official full day of being captain. I felt like I was a queen wearing my badge. Kelsey and I stepped out of the car since we had arrived at Cornerstone Park, our home and practice fields. 'WOW!' we both said in unison, and there they were, the cutest, no wait hottest no the most gorgeous guys in the whole club if not the whole world. There they were all in their blue game shorts and gray warm-ups; they looked like a professional boys soccer team made up of models, but do models play soccer? Some of them juggling, some passing and the others warming up the goalkeeper. No matter what they were doing they were flawless. There they were with their hair blowing in the breeze, I felt like I was watching a movie seeing them there with their hair blowing in the wind so perfectly. 'Gracie, how lucky did we get?! I mean every practice that we have here at Cornerstone we get to see them!' Kelsey said to me in a low whisper so that they wouldn't hear. Unfortunately, we had to turn our heads away from them and start our hike to our practice field. As everyone arrived to practice we started warm-ups. Now for my team, we always start warm-ups with a lap around the field. 'Two lines behind me and Kelsey, let's go ladies.' And off we went jogging. 'Yes, we get to see them!' Kelsey said with so much enthusiasm, I thought she was going to scream so everyone at Cornerstone would hear. As we turned the corner, I turned my head back to see if everyone is still jogging as a group (I am not sure why I did that, since we are a competitive team) and of course we all were. I took a glance at the boys' field; there they were playing the beautiful game with so much heart, skill, and grace. Then out of nowhere he waves, the keeper who is the most gorgeous guy of them all waves to us, no ME! I turn my head back fast so he would think I didn't see him. WHAM! I wasn't paying any attention and my head crashed into the goal post. Laughter spread for what seemed like miles. I clutched my head in pure agony, I fell to the ground with tears streaming down my face; the pain was so bad I thought that my head is going to explode like Mt. Saint Helens! Seconds later, here comes my Keeper coach running to see the injury (he is a paramedic). Looks of tear spread through his face, my teammates and the boy's team.
Ten minutes later, I have enough of myself to get up, clinging onto my coach with all my might to try and obtain balance; rocking back to and through I start to tilt back and who was there to catch me no one other than the boy's team keeper! If I didn't have a concussion ten minutes before, I would have melted into his arms. 'Hey, Gracie right?' he spoke, 'that looked pretty nasty, but don't worry it was better than what happened to me last year, I got kicked in the face and fell back into the goal with the ball and hit my head on the goalpost, I was out for twenty minutes!' Still wobbling I manage to say thanks, and with help, they both guide me over off the field to sit down. 'Well Gracie I know you are a keeper like me so I will see you Monday at training.' and he jogged off to finish off his practice. Wow, who would have thought an amazing hot guy would have such a golden heart? Well I hope it wasn't just a one time deal and that he was always a gentleman. But only time will tell, will he hold it over me and make fun of me or what? So we will see on Monday and hopefully get something for my throbbing head.

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