The Terrific Adeventures of Fredrick the Penguin

March 15, 2009
By Dominique Gousse BRONZE, Woods Cross, Utah
Dominique Gousse BRONZE, Woods Cross, Utah
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Once upon a time there was a penguin named Fredrick. Fredrick didn't have any friends, except Melvin the shark. Everyone was afraid of Melvin the shark, so nobody ever wanted to play with Fredrick. One day Fredrick and Melvin where swimming along
"Swim, swim, swim!" sang Melvin the shark.
'What is that big, fat, grey thingy Melvin?" asked Fredrick.

"Um, I don't know, let's go talk to that big, fat, grey thingy,'.
"Okay!" so they swam until the caught up to the big, fat, grey thingy.
"Hello my named is Melvin the shark, and this is Fredrick the penguin." Melvin said cheerfully.
"Um, ello, my name is Arnold." The Big, Fat, Grey Thingy said.
"If you mind me asking, what the heck are you?" asked Fredrick the Penguin
"I'm a submarine."

What's a Submarine?" asked the penguin.
'A type of boat that lets people go into water without having to like scuba dive, I think. So like, if were a person, you could get inside of me, and go see the coral reef, or something.'
"Oh!" said Fredrick, "So are you filled with air so they can breath? Those weird 'humans' don't have gills, do they?" asked Melvin the Shark.
"NO! Humans don't have gills, they breathe oxygen! If they didn't then I wouldn't exist! Gosh, you're smart!" said Arnold.
"You're not very nice!" yelled Fredrick.
"So if you're filled with air how do you even get down here?' asked Melvin the Shark.
"Density, duh!" Arnold the big, fat, grey thingy said.
"And what is that?" asked the shark.
'Well, it's kind of hard to explain. Everything has density. Everything. You for instants, you have density, your denser then the water around us right now.'
'How can you tell?' asked the dim-witted shark
'You aren't floating to the top of the water. You have more density then the water, but the water has more density then the air that is above it.
'Oh, I get it,' said Melvin the shark, 'density is the state or quality of being dense; compactness; closely set or crowded condition.

'Yes, exactly,' exclaimed Arnold, 'maybe I underestimated you!'

'So, how are you going to get back up to the top if you are denser then the water?' asked the shark

'I take that back, maybe I didn't.'
"THANKS!" Melvin the Shark said as annoying as possible.
"Yeah, I would say anytime but, I'd hate to lie to you. So anyways, I have this tank, which I can fill with water, so if it has more water than air, i would be more dense so I would go down. If there is more air, I would be less dense, and I would rise. So, yeah, now I am going to ditch you!" Arnold the big, fat, grey submarine thingy said.
"Bye!" said the Penguin.
"He wasn't every nice, and speaking of air don't you need to go up to the surface and get some, you are turning purple!" said Melvin.
'Oh, yea, I forgot, be right back!" Yelled Fredrick.
"And that Arnold dude called me stupid!' laughed Melvin. Melvin saw to fish swim by, and decided to go talk to them.
"AHHHHHHH!!!!!! A SHARK SWIM AWAY!!! SWIM AWAY!!!!" yelled one of them, and the other almost passed out.
"HEY!!!! DID YOU EVER HEAR WHAT HAPPENED TO NEMO WHEN HE SWAM AWAY????" Melvin yelled back. Fredrick drifted back down from the surface.
"Not again. Gosh, how could you, those fish are scared for life now, thanks to you." Fredrick the penguin growled.
"It, was my pleasure.' gloated Melvin the shark.

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