The Black Ripper

April 16, 2017

It starts with a man dressed in black clothing walking through towards the settlement known as New York City.

The man was wearing a long and black leather trench coat, reaching down to just above his ankles, a black shirt with black pants and boots. His hair as white as snow, he wore a black skull bandana over his face, and black goggles to cover his eyes.

He wielded only 2 pistols, his firearms as black as night, both with glowing red circuits on them. They were on his belt in the holsters. He had his hands in the pockets of his trench coat, which was unzipped.

Then, from the top of a collapsed building, there were 5 people in black cloaks, they were following the man in the long trench coat.

“That’s far enough Black Ripper!” One of the people in the black cloaks yelled as all 5 of them jumped down.

The man in black says nothing as the people in the black cloaks take off their cloaks and reveal themselves as heroes.

They all had matching uniforms, with red, white and blue colors with a star in the center of the chest, they each had helmets that were red, white and blue as well.

Their formation consisted of the female captain in front, with 2 men behind her left and right arms, and 2 more women behind those men.

“We know who you are.” The captain said to the Black Ripper. “The hunter of heroes, destroyer of peace, vanguard of chaos. We know everything, along with the fact that you have no powers.”

The Black Ripper continues to remain silent.

“Finally, I will have revenge for my husband.” The captain said to the Black Ripper. “Everyone, keep an eye on him, if he so much as twitches, don’t hesitate to end him.”

The Black Ripper remains silent as the heroes each power up their abilities and aim it at the Black Ripper.

“You’ve taken so many lives.” The captain said to the Black Ripper.

“My sister.” The man to the right of the captain said.

“My brother.” The woman in the far left back said.

“My husband.” The captain said. “Do you know who he was?”

The Black Ripper remains silent.

“His name was Michael Richards. His code name was “Captain Striker.”” The Captain explained. “He was in the France Settlement to warn them about you, but it was too late.”

“Adam Hunter. His code name was “The Bullet.”” The woman in the far left back explained. “He was in the assault against you in the United Kingdom.”

“Christina Bruno. Her code name was “The Goddess.”” The man to the right of the captain said. “She was in the defense district in Nigeria, before she was killed by you.”

“All irreplaceable people. People that you took away from them. People that were good and honest, people that always did the right thing, people that showed breathtaking bravery when fighting you.” The captain said to the Black Ripper. “The question I have for you, Black Ripper, Is this.”

They all power up and set their sights on the Black Ripper.

“Why did they have to die?” The captain asked.

The Black Ripper remains silent. The Captain starts to get angered, all the heroes behind the captain look at her as she grind her teeth in rage.

“Is that all?” The captain asked the Black Ripper. “You have nothing to say for yourself!? Because of you…”

The captain holds her stomach.

“Because of you, my children will have to grow up without a father. All because of you!” The captain said.

Then a gunshot is heard as the man to the captain’s left and the captain herself gets shot in the head. The man and captain fall to the ground as they look at the Black Ripper. He already had his 2 pistols in his hands, both of them had been fired.

The other heroes start to power up as they charge the Black Ripper. The man uses his transforming abilities to quickly change into a cheetah and charge the Black Ripper. He jumps and transforms into a lion, attempting to get a bite out of the Black Ripper.

“You b*****d!” The lion yelled.

The Black Ripper dodges to left, he jumps and spins to the left, kicking the lion’s face in and sending him flying into rubble. The rubble collapses down on the lion.

Then, the women in the back charge him, one takes flight, the other lifts up the rubble with her mind and launches them at the Black Ripper.

The Black Ripper runs to the right, trying to dodge the rubble being launched at him, he jumps and climbs up on a piece of a building that fell, he then sees an old and corroded metal desk flipped upside down.

The Black Ripper jumps over the desk and flips it over and uses the top half of the desk as cover. The rubble that was thrown at the Black Ripper is now hitting top of the desk.

While the Black Ripper was behind the desk, he puts his two pistols together. They transform into a sniper rifle.

“Sasha! Over here!” The flying woman yelled to the psychic woman.

Sasha throws over a large piece of rubble to the flying woman, she catches it and throws it towards the Black Ripper.

The Black Ripper stands up and backflips over the table and off the building, Dodging the rubble thrown at him.

As the Black Ripper makes the jump, he grabs the 2 flashbangs from his belt and throws the first one towards the woman flying and the second one at the woman with telekinesis.

Both the woman flying and the psychic woman gets blinded.

While still in the air and upside down, the Black Ripper aims his sniper rifle at the woman with telekinetic powers while, he fires a bullet.

The moment the bullet made impact with Sasha’s head, the bullet explodes, releasing a powerful explosion and blowing Sasha’s head straight off, pieces of her eyeball flew everywhere, as bits of her brain lands on the ground and on the rubble.

The woman flying finally gets her sight back. She sees the body of what used to be her teammate.

“Sasha!” The woman flying yelled as she saw the body.


The woman flying was struck with fear and was unable to move.


Then a gorilla charges at the Black Ripper as well, attempting to throw a punch with his left fist.

The Black Ripper turns to his right and blocks the punch with his right arm.


“Star! You have to go and warn the city!” The gorilla yelled.


“But what about you!?” The woman yelled.

“I’ll handle it! Just go! Tell them what you saw and get them out of there! Hurry!” The gorilla yelled.

But Star did not go, she was frozen with fear, still unable to move.

As the sleeves of the trench coat fell down the Black Ripper’s arm, it reveals a black robotic arm, it had red glowing circuits on it. Its metal was black and glossy.

“A robotic arm!?” The gorilla yelled.

The sniper in the Black Ripper’s right hand transforms once more, this time into a sword. Its metal red and glowing, it was also humming.

“Ryan look out!” Star yelled to the gorilla.

The Black Ripper slides his arm down the gorilla’s left arm and swings down with the sword, he cuts the gorilla’s arm off entirely.

The gorilla screams in pain as the Black Ripper drives the sword through the gorilla’s chest and pins him down to the ground. The gorilla reverts to his human form.

“Ryan!” Star yelled again.

Ryan tries to punch the Black Ripper with his right hand., the Black Ripper catches his right fist and bends it a full 180 degrees, Ryan screams in pain as the Black Ripper stares into his eyes.

Finally, Ryan takes his final gaze at this world, and looks at Star.

“Run.” Ryan said as he choked on his own blood.

Star finally starts flying, but she is immediately shot down in the gut with a sniper, she falls towards the ground. As she falls, she sees the Black Ripper holding a heavy sniper with one hand.

Star crash lands onto the ground, causing a small crater to be made.

She wakes up slowly and sees the Black Ripper walking towards her. She attempts to pull herself up, when suddenly, a blast hits her and she falls down again. It was the Black Ripper who had blasted her with his robotic arms.

She tries to get up again. Then the Black Ripper kicks her head down, smashing the protective glass on her helmet. The Black Ripper flips her over and sees her face. She was African American.

“You. You were on the defensive lines of Japan 5 years ago with Starbright...” The Black Ripper said in a distorted and deep voice. “You’re Starlight…”

“Who… are you…?” Star asked.

The Black Ripper pulls down his bandana and lifts up his goggles.

“I… I thought you were dead…” Starlight said to the Black Ripper.

“I’m many things, but dead isn’t one of them.” The Black Ripper replied in his normal voice.

“All those people, all this bloodshed, my brother, it was all you?” Starlight asked.

“Tell Adam I said…” The Black Ripper said as he pulls out his pistol and shoves it in Starlight’s mouth.

“What is a God, to a non-believer?” The Black Ripper said as he pulled the trigger.

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