Disaster in the Forest

March 14, 2009
By Ali Clayton BRONZE, Salt Lake CIty, Utah
Ali Clayton BRONZE, Salt Lake CIty, Utah
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'I already told you where I saw the body! It was there! I promise!' cried Kate.

'We went to the spot where you told us it was and there was no sign of struggle or the body,' replied the Detective.

'Butbutbu,' Kate started into hysterics and couldn't finish, and the detective new the interrogation would have to wait until another time.


Kate had never been camping before, it always scared her a little bit, but she decided to go because she felt safe with her boyfriend Coleman. They had arrived at their own little campsite a little ways from a dirt path. It had been a while since they had seen anybody. Once they got there Kate was actually excited because it was so beautiful. After they finished setting up their campsite they went to bed. The next morning they got up and went for a walk. Their next adventure was fishing. Even though Kate had never been fishing before she had to admit it was a lot of fun . . .although she couldn't help but feel at times that some was watching them from a distance. That night Kate and Coleman wanted to light a fire, but there was only a couple of pieces of wood left so Coleman decided to go find some. Kate wanted to go but Coleman jokingly said, 'No Honey, you never know what could be out there! Ha-ha!'
'Coleman! SHUT UP! You know I am still a little scared!'
'Okay, okay, I'm sorry! But I will be right back.'

After ten minutes Kate thought, 'Oh, I guess big mountain man can't find wood so fast after all!' As the minutes passed the joke became less and less funny. After another ten minutes passed, which seemed like hours, Kate went to the edge of their campsite and yelled his name, 'Coleman!' but no reply. The she yelled, 'Coleman! This is not funny! Get your butt back here now!' She waited a minute and still no reply as the dead silence surrounded her she became very nervous and frightened, and the idea that something bad actually could have happened crept into her mind. She called Coleman's name ever louder than before and with a touch of panic in her voice, 'COLEMAN!!!' Kate waited and got a reply, 'KAAAYYYYTTEE,' startled at the sound of an unfamiliar voice coming from behind her she started to run. The small beam of light coming form her flashlight provided just enough light to avoid the overhanging branches. But in her panic she failed to see the ground and tripped. As she crashed to the ground the flashlight flew from her hands, spewing the batteries onto the dark forest floor. She scrambled to find the batteries, bloodying her knuckles on the jagged rocks. At any moment expecting to be caught from behind by her pursuer. As she finds all the batteries a moment of silence overtakes the forest. She almost feels silly as she considers the possibility of her imagination getting the best of her, then she thinks to herself, 'I'll never hear the end of this when Coleman finds out I went running into the forest like a raging maniac.' Kate with her wits about her once again decides to go back to camp where she is sure to find Coleman's smiling face. With the flashlight back in one piece Kate is curious to see what tripped her. With the flick of a flashlight button Kate's life would be changed forever! 'COLEMAN!' Kate screamed . . .

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