Ten Seconds

March 13, 2009
By Blair Banks BRONZE, Decatur, Georgia
Blair Banks BRONZE, Decatur, Georgia
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One Mississippi'
Two Mississippi'
Three Mississippi'
I stand on the edge of the sidewalk, a clear view of the car ridden street. Brake lights cast red streaks onto a blank, black slate. Each streak hypnotizes me into a dream-like state that easily claims me as its dreamer.
Beep. Beep.
I continue to watch the passing cars before feeling a strong urge to move on. This same urge overpowers me and I step away from the edge. I have two choices available to me. Should I turn left onto a darkened trail? Or should I turn right onto a luminescent path?
Four Mississippi'
Five Mississippi'
Six Mississippi'
I walk towards the light and adrenaline courses through my veins. A mixture of fear and excitement washes over me. Yellow, orange, and white lead the way to a beautiful scene. A community gathered together in a small park, enjoying a movie on the freshly cut lawn. I take a deep breath, taking in the smell of the green grass. I sit down slowly, away from the crowd. I'm not interested in the film being shown. I am interested in the world. I press my hands on the grass feeling the smooth texture. I pluck a blade and bring it to my nose. A deep breath and I'm instantly intoxicated. I examine the blade, making sure to remember every detail about this form of nature. Who knew when I would be able to scrutinize another blade of freshly cut grass again? I look around once more before making the decision to move on. The word 'where' came to mind. Where? Where to next? What place deserved to be explored next? The answer: every place on this green earth.
Seven Mississippi'
Eight Mississippi'
Nine Mississippi'
Squeals erupt as thunder booms and clouds threaten to open up their hearts filled with sadness. I watch as children run in terror, hoping to escape the monster that ruined their family night. Some adults try to shield their children from the monster, a form of protection. While others are frantic in finding them so they can escape. Children pound on the car doors, screaming for them to be opened. One child falls, while their parent screams in horror. A parent falls, with his child in his arms. The little girl screams for her father but he does not respond. I turn around hoping to escape this painful scene.
I fall as the clouds open up and rain starts to fall. I lie on my back as I stare up at the sky. Rain continuously hits my body and I do not have the strength to move. I feel weaker as the time passes. I can still hear the screams echoing in my ears. Each exploration that I have taken resurfaces and becomes very fresh. I experience each trip all over again in preparation for what is to happen next. In this case, what being the last breath that I will ever take.
Ten Mississippi...

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