March 13, 2009
By , Elk Grove, CA
You were like a starved child when you found me. I gave you what you needed and you promised never to let me go. You visited me often, even spoke to me. At one time, you were all sincerity. What you asked for, I freely gave.

But slowly, you began to explore other things. Things you thought were more exciting and interesting. Things you thought could offer you more than I did. Did you really build a tolerance for me that quickly?
You left me then, though you didn't admit it to yourself, or anyone else. You stopped by less and less frequently.

Everytime you came, you asked for something you desperately needed. I gave it to you because I was faithful. But I began to notice that you only came back when you had fallen. When you were in trouble. When disasters would strike. And I was your back up plan.

I found myself struggling, when I handed you the things you needed. You were no longer grateful, just took and went off. But I am faithful.

After time, I began to wonder. Why should I give you what you need, when you are troubled? You're obviously fine without me most of the time. Why should I be faithful when you aren't?

But I love you. I am faithfulness. Maybe someday you too can learn to be the same.

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