Horrible Beatiful

March 12, 2009
The diamond glitters among the rest of them. With only a few seconds before the sun fully rises. As it sits there, a small boy walks past the cave and sees them all. He grabs as many as he can, not knowing there was a spell on them. The little boy takes the diamonds home and shows his mother. His mother tells him how great he his and takes the diamonds.

Bad things start to happen over the next few days. His mother gets sick, 3 of their goats die, and the winter comes early. The little boy continues to go get diamonds from the cave.

The boy and his mom sell the diamonds to people within the town. Soon a plague is all over the town as the diamonds are spread from one hand to the next. The boy remains healthy. Soon, everyone but the boy is sick.

The boy goes to the cave yet again to find that there is only one diamond left. Disappointed, he goes into the cave to grab the last diamond. He picks up the diamond, and he hears a voice. The voice says,"Do not let your greed get to you. If you take the diamond, your town will die of the plague. If you leave the diamond, your town will become cured and all will be right again." The foolish little boy, thinking that he was hearing things, walked out of the cave, proud he was earning his mother and him money.

The boy continues home when once again the voice says,"Do not let your greed get to you. Return the diamond, or your town will die of the plague." The boy doesn't listen to the voice. He continues.

Before he steps into his village, the voice says,"This is your last warning! Do not let your greed get to you. Return the diamond, or your town will die of the plague!" The boy, thinking there had to be some truth to this repitant voice, goes back to the cave and returns the diamond.

The boy walks into his town to see everyone coming out of their homes. Did the plague cease? He runs to his mother, who is up and feeling better. The whole town was much better.

A few days later, his mother asks for more diamonds. The boy replies,"I cannot get them. The whole town will die of a plague if I do." His mother, thinking his imagination was running wild, asks again for more diamonds the next day. The boy repeats,"I cannot get them. The whole town will die of plague if I do."

"Go get the diamonds, or you can no longer live here. You stay here, you help pay." The boy packs up his bags, and he moves out of the home and into the streets.

His mother, thinking her son was crazy, goes to find the diamonds herself. When she comes across the cave, she looks inside and finds the last diamond. She picks it up quickly and leaves the cave. She hears a voice say,"Return the diamond, or your town, including your son, will die of plague." Ignoring the voice, the mother carries on.

Soon, she hears the voice again,"Return the diamond, or your town and son will die of plague." She ignores the voice and continues back to the town.

Once more, she hears the voice,"This is your last warning! Return the diamond or your town and son will die of plague!!" The mother continues into the town. As she walked went into her house, she laughed at the voice. "Nothing will happen!" She thought. She went to bed.

In the morning, the mother awoke and walked outside. The town was quiet. She walked along the houses to hear no movements, no voices, no rustling leaves. "Could the voice have been right? Have they all died?" She knocks on her next door neighbors house. No answer. The door is unlocked. She walks in the house. She looks through all the rooms. In the bedroom, there lay her son, and her next door neighbors, dead on the bed. She cries, knowing that once she had kicked her son out, he must have moved in there.

She lay on her knees weeping, the noise echoing through the house. Days later when she has finished mourning, she looks through all the houses, finding no one alive. She buries them all for weeks, taking time to mourn for each of them. After all of them are buried, the mother kills herself.

100 years later, she is forced to guard the last diamond, haunting anyone who comes into the cave. Soon, people start to come into the empty town and make it their own. Some people try to come in the cave, and then tell the story of the mother who let all of the townpeople die. The mother tells her story to each of the people that come into the cave. If they aren't scared enough to leave after seeing her, the mother tells them their town will die of a plague if they take the diamond. The mother tells about her son, how he refused to get the diamond and ended up dying anyways. No one has yet been foolish enough to take the diamond, but when they do, the cycle will start again...

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