I am Google

April 7, 2017
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A little girl and her computer surrounded by a plethora of students with their own. They all have received their first research project. Unpacking their backpacks and folders while looking at the questions and the task at hand- they become overwhelmed. The little girl feels her head get hot, hands sweaty, and stress running through her. How will this get done?

On the board, there’s a note- advice if you will. “Use Google as your source.”

The little girl looks up question after question, receiving answers to everything in a split second. Her muscles relax, letting out a deep breath, hands finally stop shaking. Looking onto her computer she watches as Google does it’s work, fast as a lion while every student in the room requests information. It’s reliable and works hard, while being able to give an answer for anything you can think of. It’s now become a game.

Google knows the answer before you’re even done typing. “Did you mean…”

The little girl is astonished by what she has discovered. She sees the possibilities in what she can do. Typing faster than what her little fingers should be able to do, she is able to finish her project in record time. She gets the answers right, of course, and can owe it all to Google. Google was able to take on the task, work hard and look at its own shelves upon shelves of data and not even take a break. All to make sure, the little girl, is able to succeed and take credit.

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