One Bad Day

March 12, 2009
By Brandon Gurnett BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
Brandon Gurnett BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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The room is cold with one tinted window. I can feel the cold steel table on my forearms. A man walks in. 'State your name.' The man said. He was wearing a black suit with his name tag flipped so I couldn't see the name or picture.
'Brandon G.' I said looking striaght at the big tinted window.
'Do you know why you're here?' He said 'Not exactly but I have a good idea.' Turning my head from looking at the tinted window to look him directly into his eyes. 'Well you see Mr. G when you try to take down a government they will fight back and win. How Could you think one man could take us down? We need you to tell us how you figured out that it was us. The Russian Government.' He said with sarcasim in his vioce.
'Hahahahaha it is funny how you think that this is still Russia. You have been stuck behind your little desk for way to long. Russia is all dessert, and not a pretty dessert either. it's a hot and dry dessert. The infection took over everythin not just humans. Nothing has boundries any more. It's all just one huge mass of land with half of the Atlantic Ocean.' I said with a smart ass tone. 'Okay I get that part. Now tell me how you figured out is was us!' I could tell he was getting angry
'Okay okay. I'm getting there. Just chill. I'm doing this for you and your being a jerk about it. Way to go.' I said to try to calm him down. I told him about everything. It started about three years ago. I was in high school. I was a senior at S. High School in Beaverton Oregon. We got the news there was an infection taking over whole continents. First it was Europe then Asia and Africa. It shocked everyone when it jumped a whole ocean to South America. It spread faster and faster. When it showed up in Canada th U.S. got worried. The News told us we had 48 hours before it crossed our border. We had 6. My dad worked for the government so they took him away when they took all the government workers and hide them somwhere in alaska.
I knew that wasn't a good sign so I found my girlfriend Jessica. She had beautiful long brown hair a a kind of brownie brown eyes. She had tears in her eyes and I knew something was wrong. All she could do was just cry. I picked her up and headed to my car. I put her in the passenger seat and I heard a deep voice say 'Brandon. Wait up.' It was my best friend lars. He said 'Dude did you hear about what is happening?'
'Yeah dude its some scary s***.' I said. 'I heard that it is some kind of like small pox thing.' 'I think its bigger then that. Get in the car. Your coming with me.' We got into the car and went to my house and grabbed my mom, my sister and my little brother. We took them to the mall. I knew we would be safe there cause they had guns clothes and food. We got to the mall and I had my dads .357 he kept under his bed. The first place we went was the womens bathrom. I check all the stalls to make sure there was nothing there. I said to my mom 'Lock this door behind me and do not open this door unless you hear mine Blakes or Lars' voice.' I told Blake and Lars 'Follow me' and jessica came out of the bathroom and said 'I'm coming with you. Don't try to to stop me.' I said 'Okay babe but stay right behind me.' They all followed me to the gun store. I grabbed a duffle bag and started to fill it with guns and ammo. Everyone did the same.. Blake and Jessica loaded up a berretta and me and lars loaded up a shot gun. We headed for the bathroom. I knocked on the bathroom door and said 'Mom it's me. Open up' I heard the door jiggle and then We heard a high pich squeel. We all turned around and saw some one who had been infected. I yelled 'KILL IT! HEAD SHOTS ONLY!' Lars took off running down the hall way toward the ugly creature. He hit it with the butt of his shotgun and the creature fell to the floor. He put the gun to the creatures head and pulled the trigger. As soon as he did the creatures head popped like a zit.The creature looked like a zombie from the movies.
The door finally opened and my worst fear had been realized my mom was infected. I put my gun to her fore head and said 'I love you mom.' And I squeezed the trigger. My brother fell to his knees and started to cry. Jessica bent down and held him. I walked in to see what had happened to my sister. I walked in and as soon as I turned the corner she pined me up against the wall and I dropped my gun. Then I heard a gunshot and she fell to the floor. My brother's gun was smoking in his hand. He saved my life. I grabbed him and just held him and we cried. I assured him we would be okay and he looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said 'No it won't.' I held him tighter. Lars and Jessica stood by us while we cried. An hour had gone by when I finally said, 'We need to clear out the mall and make sure there are no more zombies. Take one of the shotguns and a Beretta and leave the bags here and we will come back for them. This will be our camp. It will be safer if we just stick together so no splitting up.'
We started in the men's bathroom and the women's bathroom. It took all day to clear out both. We had to look in every stall, look up in the vents, and look in all the cabinets. We found the creature that had transformed my mom. Blake grabbed my shotgun and yelled, 'You killed my mom you little mother f*****.' And he never fired a shot. He just beat it with the shotgun. Even after it was dead he still beat it. I eventually pulled him off. I figure this was time to turn in for the night. Throughout the night we had to have night shifts to keep us all safe. The first night Lars and I had the night watch. Lars told me to take first shift and that was from 10:00p.m. to 4:00a.m.the second shift was from 4:00a.m to 10:00 a.m. and we could never fall asleep on the watch. We slept in the men's bathroom be cause there was only one way in and one way out. We thought it would be easier to keep watch. The first night it was very quite. Nothing happened. I started to hope that was how every night would be. We woke up the next morning and discussed our game plan. We figured we would clear out the mall one store at a time. We figured we could do two stores if we were lucky. The hardest ones were Macy's, Sears, and JCPenny's. it was just because they were so big. We started in a store called sports dream. We walked in and Jessica and me walked into the break room and we saw a zombie. I raised my gun but I was too late. Jessica had killed it. I said 'You jacked my kill. Like for real. You seriously stole my kill.' She just laughed and said 'you will get over it. I promise.' I replied sarcastically 'how do you know I will get over?' Then she pushed me up against wall and put her lips close to mine but our lips never touched. In her sexiest voice she said 'Because I'm sexy and you want me. If you want me then you will get over it.' I said, 'Now that's not fair.' We kept going store to store checking and clearing out each store. It took us a full year before we got it completely done. We came across quite a few zombies and some close encounters but we always looked out for each other. We didn't even know what the outside world was like. We didn't know if there were any survivors or if we were the last to people left on the planet. All we knew is that we had to get out and quickly. We both were looking for transportation when I heard my brother yell my name. I took off running and I saw him starring out the big window and pointing. The only way I could describe what I saw would be a see of zombies. There were so many and we knew they were there for us.

We found it odd that they were only on one side of the mall. I knew we could use that to our advantage. We went to the other side of the mall and saw our way out. It was a yellow hummer. We went back and grabbed our duffle bags of guns and filled four more bags with food cause we didn't know how long we would be driving. We met back up and the front door and I said to Blake 'I'm going to run out there and get in to the Hummer. I need you to take one of the rifles and cover me. Remember head shots only.' He looked at me with this dumb look and said 'Brandon we have been hear for a year and I have killed my fair share of zombies. I'm pretty sure I know how to kill them.' I kissed Jessica and with that I took off running for the hummer. I could feel the sun on my skin. I hadn't felt that in a whole year. I got to the Hummer and the driver side door was open.
I crawled inside and saw the keys were already there too. So I turned the key and saw there was a full tank of gas. I thought to myself this is too good to be true. I pulled the hummer around and jumped out to helped Blake and Lars throw the bags into the back seat. After we loaded everything up we got in side the monstrous truck and just drove. We started heading toward Washington. Blake said, 'What is this dessert?' I replied, 'It's not a dessert. It a river bed that the Columbia River use to occupy.' A depressing mood came over everyone in the car. We started to drive to the East Coast to see what we could find. There was nothing left. Nothing but dessert. Nothing was left. We started to run out of gas. So I said, 'We need gas so here is the plan. All of us will get out and Jessica you pump the gas and Lars and Blake you will guard her and the Hummer with your life. I'm going to check inside for any survivors.' So we pulled up to the gas station. Nothing was happening out side so I decided to head inside. It was dark in there. I heard movement and I turned and saw a little boy eating an older mans insides. I kicked over a can and the little boy looked up and screamed at me. I fired my shotgun and there was nothing left of him. I ran out side because I heard gunfire. Blake and Lars were having a hard time fighting off the zombies. One grabbed Jessica so I grabbed my Beretta. I felt the cold steel in my hand. I had to control my breathing and slow down time in a way. I had everything just right and the bullet whizzed right past Jessica's hair and went right between the eyes of the zombie. We fought them off and climbed back into our yellow truck. It felt like we drove forever. We had to fill up the hummer at least every two days. We knew there were no survivors but we had to keep looking. We drove north to Canada to see what we could find. We traveled up the border of Alaska just for starters. Somewhere along the boarder we can across this huge structure. When we drove up these huge door opened up and men dressed in camouflage came running out with M16 and formed a tunnel and signaled for us to go in. when we drove in there were a lot of people. We all got out of the car and I saw a man who use to work with my dad and I figured this was the place where they hid my dad. Then Blake yelled 'Brandon look!' He pointed at a man walking toward us.

He got closer and I realized it was my dad. I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug I have ever given anyone. He took us to where he was staying and I told him about what had happened and about my mom and sister. He told me 'I'm so sorry you had to go through that son. I'm very proud of all of you the way you took care of each other and all. Especially you son for taking control of the situation and being a leader. But I have some information about the infection. It's a man made virus. Nobody really realized that Russia was the last country to be over thrown with the infection. I did so I looked into it some more. Man by the name of Paul Kranavik was helping the Russian government invent a new way of fighting. It was with illnesses.
He thought he found a cure for cancer on accident but it turned his subjects into the zombies you see now. He let them out in certain countries hoping they would keep them out of their country. It didn't work and he was assonated by the government.' I told him 'Alright lets go take them out. I have guns and I know how to shoot and so do your guys. So what's stopping you?' He said, 'It's easier said then done. We don't know how many there are and we don't know where they are.' I said 'Me and my crew will find them will find them. They helped kill my mom and my sister and I had to do it. They will go down.' Lars and me readied our Hummer. It took us less then a day to find the government. We drove up to the structure and broke through the wall. I told Jessica to call my dad and have him send helicopters. We held off the whole Russian government. The helicopters finally came but I knew my mission wasn't done.

I kissed Jessica and said, 'Baby I love you so much. Lars you take of her and give her anything she ever needs. Blake I love you and thank you for being a good little brother.' The helicopter was pulling away and I heard Jessica crying and I felt the tears coming out of eyes. I armed the nuclear bomb and walked out with my hands up. They hand cuffed me and put me into a white room.
'Enough' the man in the room interrupted. 'How can you take us down if we have you in lock up?' I laughed and said, 'You don't listen very well. The bomb will go off in 30 seconds. Mother Russia my a**. Mom I'm coming.' I saw my life flash before my eyes and the last thing I saw was Jessica. Boom!!!!!!!

The End.

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