How to get Kicked out of Autos Class

April 7, 2017
By CBergersen GOLD, SUSSEX, Wisconsin
CBergersen GOLD, SUSSEX, Wisconsin
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One cup of peanuts
One small plastic Zip-Lock bag
One pants pocket
One Larynx
Two Lungs
One deceivingly attentive personality

Begin on the first day of Autos class

Put the peanuts into the small plastic bag

Put the plastic bag into your pants pocket. Make sure that no one can see it.

During the beginning lectures, use your deceivingly attentive personality to act like a good student that cares about what the instructor is talking about. 

Keep up the act while the instructor takes the class on a tour through the shop and starts demonstrating the function of all of the tools and equipment.

Eventually, the instructor will demonstrate the car lift. The instructor will raise the lift and then he will lower the lift back to the ground. Before the lift hits the ground, slip the bag of peanuts under it. Also place your foot near the lift, but do not place it under the lift.

If the peanuts were placed correctly under the lift, the lift will crush the peanuts and make a loud crunching noise. Once the crunching noise begins, use your two lungs and larynx to yell as loud as you can.

If done correctly, people (including the instructor) will think that you placed your foot under the lift and crushed it.

After this stunt, the instructor will see that you are an irresponsible student, and you will be thrown out of the class.

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