Dumb Youth

March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

The young rebel darted through the dense forest. Branches smacked the youth in the face with intense fury. The roaring sounds of the youth's pursuers started to become audible. With that, the youth quicken Its pace until It could no longer hear them. To the youth's misfortune, It was born in a world where independence and the process of making decisions for oneself, is considered taboo. Thinking for oneself never crossed the minds of the common folk in a small rural town in the middle of America, the origin of the previously mentioned youth. That is in fact how brainwashed the common folks of the small town have become. With of course the exception of the previously mentioned youth.

'Death is a dignitary who, when it comes, it is received with formal respect.' is one of the most respected passages within the Code; focuses on the ideals of respect for the deceased. For these people, dying is considered a great achievement and a noble honor. That is, when it occurs not by ones own hand, but only by the hands of death. also teaches the proper handling and care giving of a recently departed. The mistreatment of a dead person may results in a severe punishment. But of course, no person in this small town possesses the ability to even think of breaking such a sacred Code.

In the school of this small town, the education system consisted of teaching basic math, English, and the history of the town. Oh, and yes, of course, the Code. When a child reaches School age (5-6) the brainwashing Olympics begins. When the children barely understand their alphabets, the teachers (Heads) DRILL the first teachings of the Code so deep into their little skulls; a punctuation mark won't have the ability to squeeze through the tiny crevasses of their cerebral cortex. As a result of the massive brainwashing, by the time the children reach their early teens, any form of rebellion is completely abolished. Robotizing, the towns' people leaves them cold and almost emotionless. Their only goal in life is to satisfy the demands of the Heads.

The Heads do a rather thorough job in brainwashing the towns' folk, but like all rules, there is always an exception. The previously mentioned youth is most definitely the exception. Somehow, through the natural forces of the universe, the youth contains the ability to retain It's will. As far as knowing why the youth is capable of this, no one knows, not even the youth. Though sometimes, the youth wishes that It could be blind like the rest of the towns' people. For the devil could not compare any of his darkest deeds to that of Heads. In some many words, the Heads are sick and twisted creatures. Out only to satisfy their needs. The youth despised them for that, and despised them for forcing the people blind of their true nature. The youth does not blame the people at all, how could It? The people have no control of their actions.

In retaliation, the youth devised a most ingenious plan. (Ingenious according to the youth. To 'Normal' people as well as the towns' people, the plan was quite preposterous.) The youth spent months on It's devious plan. Knowing that Old Man Jinx is due in good time, (he's the old coot that owns the tobacco store apparently, he was dieing from some illness.) the youth made sure that It's plan is devised quickly and thoroughly. The youth knew every signal detail from how the plan would start to how it would end, and the youth hid this secret very well. The youth hid everything well even Its ability to see and process the world with Its own mind. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid the youth is, as the audience knows well, the youth's plan seems to not have gone accordingly.

The day of Old Man Jinx's departure the town festival sprouts to life, as expected. During the times of the festivals the towns people are well animated. Their not the hard stiffs the Heads force them to be on a daily basis. Instead, the Heads force them to be vivacious. From an outsider's perspective, the people look exactly like the people from Omelas, the epitome of perfection. The youth, distant and cold stared at the alien events that took place before his eyes: mule races, drinking competition (very tart mulberry juice no alcohol) horseshoe tossing, croquet. Even though these seemingly joyous events take place ever time a town's folk died, it's just all so strange to the youth. The youth is the only one that can see the transition. The youth had in the past tried to enjoy Its self, but the youth just cannot help but feel so unease.

With a heavy sigh the youth stood and proceeded to the designated sight, the sight where the master plan first blossomed inside Its head. As soon as the youth reached the sight, which happened to be in the right plaza on the west side of the small town It removed a glossy black container. The shiny essence of the container looked as if it were a box that newly bought jewelry comes in. Except, the front of the container is bolted together with a man made lock. Fishing in Its pocket the youth removed a small golden key and unlocked the container. The youth then shoved the small key back in into Its trousers and headed back towards the center plaza. The youth can hear the horns; the real ceremony is about to being.

'A sort of hereditary obligation upon the town...' said one of the Heads, another typical speech that the Heads like to present before a sacred ceremony. They always rant on about the same subjects. 'The young must carry on our traditions. It is there duty, their purpose. They must keep our sacred traditions alive, or else the Almighty will make us ALL suffer.' Not in those exact words, but the speeches are like that in general. As the elderly Head continued on with the speech, the youth snuck It's way into the crowd, undetected. The youth scanned the scenery; everybody appeared to be fixated upon the speaking Head. So, cautiously, the youth snaked It's way through the fixated crowd toward the center of the plaza where Old Man Jinx is displayed.

The youth reached the center, and took a deep breath, the youth felt ready; felt sure of It's self. As soon as the adrenal glands started pumping the adrenaline, the youth jumped on the pedestal where Jinx laid and stood above the old man. Both legs barley touching each opposite shoulders, 'HEAR YE! HEAR YE!' cried the youth, 'For all those who have lost themselves, and for those who have never known who they are, I do this for YOU!' The youth held the glossy black container over the face of Old Man Jinx and opened it.




'Over yonder I can see... Quickly' shouted one of the pursuers. The youth had tripped over a protruding tree root and tumbled to the forest floor. Due to this misfortune, the pursuers gained some much-unneeded ground. The youth quickly collected It's self and regained it previous pace. The youth headed towards a large cliff where at the bottom of the cliff, a long never-ending river existed. The river flowed to a destination unknown to the youth. All the youth knews is that It has to get there or else the final stage of the plan would be ruined. 'Almost there,' thought the youth, 'Almost there, almost there, I can make it I'm ALMOST FREE!' the same thoughts replayed over and over inside the youth's mind as the cliff came into view. 'Get' em Charlie!' shouted another pursuers who now can vividly see the youth dashing towards the cliff. The pursuers unhooked one of the hunting dogs that aided the men in their hunt. Once upon a time the youth went geese hunting with Charlie. The dog only does what it told to do, like all of the people in that small little town. The youth came to a jolting halt as the tip of It's shoes peered over the ledge. The youth gave one final glance over It's shoulders and saw Charlie charging towards It like a mad bull. With out hesitation the youth leaped down towards the Free flowing river.

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