Short story

March 22, 2017
By Anonymous

*BEEP BEEP* There is goes the sound to start my day, the classic alarm clock ringtone on the iphone to wake me up, how fantastic. It is still early, the sun nowhere to be seen and the moon up and early waving at me. Oh how I hate the early shift, but I need the the money. I get up, taking on the day since there isn’t much else I can do.
I get up and walk towards the bathroom. Everyone else's snores fill the hallway, the usual, no one is up at five o’clock in the morning. I go over to brush my teeth, looking out the window thinking. Is this all there is to my days, is this what my life consists of, is this all to it. I rinse my mouth and go back to my room. From the room across I hear a noise, Amina must be up already. “Amina” I call.
“Yeah what’s up?” Amina comes out of her room. She looked tired, probably because of the hours she has been working. “Did you need something”
I reply quickly. “So what, the only times I can talk to you is when I need something, what it I wanted to say hello have you thought about that.”
She looks at me expressionless and steps back retrieving back to her room and locking it. She is so strange I can never understand her. Locking down at my watch, time was running and I had to get going. I throw on some black scrubs and get in my car to go. A fifteen minute drive that's all, I won’t be late.
I ended up being late. I said i hit some traffic but I stopped to get coffee at Starbucks. I enter the hospital and see my station is packed. I get going patient after patient trying to get through everyone as quickly and efficiently as I can. This is stressful, my job. Not all patients are easy to work with and I have a few left. The patients were irritating and smelly, I was not happy there but at least I am making money .
Finally the last patient, an old lady, senile and irritating. She took the longest with her redundant questions and snarky attitude. I can not stand the older patients that come in, yet I continue with a smile and my bedside manners. Nonetheless, I hated them. Another day of this charity work, I do not get paid enough. After finishing her up, putting a bandaid on her spot and smiling at her death stricken face, I was relieved to be out of there. I get my keys and my jacket heading towards the parking garage. It was very dark there with only a few cars parked, They were the security cars, yet all seemed empty. I continued to click the car alarm. I repeated a couple time. There was no sound or flashing car lights. This was odd, what is going on. I open the bulky part of my keys, The batteries were taken out, I couldn't find my car, A panic set in. Why are the batteries missing, I don’t remember taking it out. I start to pace all over the parking deck. It was no use, heading over to the entrance, The door locked, The light inside went out, I was startled. This is not good, I do not have a good feeling about this.
More panic sets in and I started to think what is happening. I go to try use my phone but it says no service. What to do what to do! My mind racing but then from behind me I hear footsteps. “ I knew you would be here” I turn to see. It was a man wearing a large jacket and holding a duffel bag, He had a scrappy beard black like the unruly hair on his head. Eyes grey and mysterious. “Anita isn’t it.”
I was confused, “Um, no. My names Anila.” As soon as I said that he looked shocked. Then embarrassed
“You see there has been a misunderstanding I thought you were Anita, uh you can have your batteries back. Are you going to tell anyone about this or call the police.”
Me not caring about what is morally correct nor care to waste another minute on this idiocy said no, took my batteries and walked away. When getting home I walked straight to my bed to pass out.

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