Jay's and Silent Bob's Awesome Weekend

March 12, 2009
By Patrick Bien BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
Patrick Bien BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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It's a beautiful sunny day in Wisconsin. One of the best Saturdays because it's sunny and warm. In a small apartment in a large city, two good friends live together: Jay, a tall skinny man, who always wore a grey T shirt, baggy pants, and a beanie, and Silent Bob, who was a quiet man, wore every day cloths with a hat, and a jacket alone. He also is kind of fat. I'm Jay. I may not be the smartest guy but I learn a lesson today, so this Saturday is going to be a new thing and Silent Bob and I are about to get a wake up call'
'Hey, Silent Bob! Wake up, man. We got to go meet Emily and Jenn.' I yelled. I watched Silent Bob get up, I ran down the stairs and thought, 'Man oh man, I can't believe I can't find my beanie'. I looked around the kitchen and living room running and checking under every possible thing I can lift. I began to run up stairs to search my bedroom. I didn't know what to do I was looking everywhere franticly.
After that I ran down stairs and started to freak out when, Silent Bob walked down with my beanie. I looked at him surprisingly and he held it out to give to me. Man, I'd be lost with out him. He's like my best friend and whom else would I party with? We ran out I noticed Silent Bob was looking at the sky and I asked, 'Hey, bro what's up?' He just pointed up so I said, 'Dude you need to stop drinking you're losing it bro'. I laughed and walked away and we started to head towards the mall to meet the girls.
When we finally got in front of the mall. We gradually walked inside the mall and looked around. We waited in the food court for Emily and Jenn. We were waiting I thought of doing something to kill time because we got here so early. At that moment Silent Bob pointed down the hall way and I notice that we could skateboard down it to have a race and it was a long way. I asked Silent Bob if he wanted to race me down the hallway? He nodded so we got ready. We pulled out our skateboards and got into the starting position.
We grabbed our skateboards and ran down the hall we threw our skateboards down and jumped on them to gain speed and started to race. Silent Bob got ahead of me and shot a thumbs up at me as he stayed ahead. After a few pushes I got ahead screaming 'YEA, EAT MY DU'' It all came to a stop. I was on the ground and in pain. I didn't know what happened then I looked around and saw. I hit a pole someone was carrying and got closed line right off my skateboard making me hit the ground hard.
I tried to pick myself up, but I couldn't help to scream and curse at Silent Bob for almost laughed. Then I sat up and saw our dates standing there staring at me. I was bleeding from the back of my head and made a huge scene. While I'm bleeding on the ground I thought to myself, 'Oh man this looks bad'. I said to them, 'Hey, ladies, wow I must look really dumb right now.' I smiled at them. Then held the back of my head to slow down the bleeding.
I notice the girls just laughed and smiled at me and Silent Bob picked me up and handed me my skateboard. Emily, who was my date, helped me out and offered her self to be a crutch. Jenn ran off with Silent Bob to the food court, but it took me a while to get there even with Emily helping me out. I didn't mind it taking a while to get there just means more time with her.
On the date Silent Bob and I hung out with the girls and we just went out to eat and watched a movie. I ached from the butt-kicking of a lifetime. After the movie ended we walked out and stood around thinking what to do. I looked at the girls thinking it was a good day after all and hey, I'm a funny guy in Emily's book at least. Silent Bob grabbed my arm and shook his head twice towards the exit so I knew he wanted to go home. I said, 'Yeah, lets bounce.' then we walked the girls to their car and they drove us home.
When got home and Silent Bob went into the living room and began to watch TV. I walked up stairs feeling the pain of my extremely painful in the back of my head fall. I lay in bed I thought, 'Man this Saturday was one hell of a crazy day. I'm never doing this again.' so I turned up my music and went to sleep.

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