Flash of familiarity

March 21, 2017
By siniyasmith BRONZE, Abingdon, Maryland
siniyasmith BRONZE, Abingdon, Maryland
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You know when someone dies and people  tell their family “it will be alright” or “they are in a better place”. Death is inevitable. However when it's your best friend everything is different. None of those condolences mean a thing. Your Best Friend has been taken from you. Nothing is going to be okay and the best place for her was in my room on a saturday night watching netflix shows together. Kayleena was my best friend. She was the one who saved me. I lived for her. Now she is gone. So what is the purpose of anything anymore.She always told me i had a purpose in living. And i believe that she was my purpose in living. And now i sit in her bed lifeless. Just laying there while everyone else is downstairs celebrating the life of my best friend.

“You're really gonna do this aren't you” a voice says

“Holy hell now i'm hearing her voice” I say and roll over on my side and see Kayleena. Her in all her melanated beauty. Her long black hair and rich dark skin. She looked like the goddess i remember.

“Impossible now i'm seeing you too. You will never leave my brain will you” i say

“Nope even in my afterlife i'm forced to take care of you” She says spinning in the desk chair next to the bed

“You're probably not even really here. You're my conscious or whatever” i say and turn the other way around. I feel something on me. Its Kayleena's living body.

“OMG YOU'RE REAL I CAN-”i begin but she puts her hand over my mouth

“You have to be quiet and let me explain before u start bugging out.okay? “
She says and takes her hand off my mouth

“okay “

“Well as u know i died. And now i'm here but you're the only one that can see me.”she vaguely states

“Okay you are going to have to be more descriptive than that dummy” i say

“Okay stupid. Well i really can't get into details but i was sent here for you. So i'm kinda like a ghost that only you can see. But i'm not here to haunt you. I'm here to….. Guide you” She responds
“Well what the hell are you my guardian angel” i say rolling my eyes

She smiles with a familiar look in her eyes “yeah i guess i am”

“What the-” i begin however the door opens and Kayleena’s mom walks in.Looking calm yet having that underlying sadness.

“Hey kay i just wanted to know how u were doing” she states. I sit there trying to figure out who she is talking to. And i remember that she cannot see kayleena.

Oh my god. What the hell am i supposed to say to her. Oh hey yeah i'm fine just talking to my guardian angel who is also your daughter.

“oh … yeah i'm fine. Just thinking about her” i say

“Oh well i brought you some tea i know you both liked this when y'all were sad.” she says. Coming closer and putting tea on the bedside table.

“Thank you so much” i say looking feeling so much admiration for this women. She come to me and kisses my forehead

“Of course sweetheart. You have always been like my daughter. I do anything for you” she says and walks out the room. I stare at the door of where she just left, and i realize that kayleena is still next to me. I turn my head to her and notice her looking teary eyed at where her mother just previously was.

She begins to speak again while wiping her eyes “ well the day i died i actually got you something i didn't want to tell you and now that i have the chance i'm not gonna waste it”

“What is it” i reply

She doesn't say anything she goes to her armour and pulls out a little box. She looks down at it with a small smile. And starts walking back to the bed and pulls out a half of an angel wing necklace.

“The day i died was the 15th year of us being best friends. I wanted to thank you for being there for me for everything. I wanted to thank this friendship for being there to save us both during our hard times. This was me showing you that i will be here for you forever even when i'm really not”

By the time she finishes her speech i'm bawling crying. I rush to hug her holding her tight while we both are crying. We stay like that for around 3 minutes until she starts pulling away.

“Okay okay let me put it on you. Turn around”

I turn around and let her put it on me. She pulls me too the full length mirror to she me how i look. But all i can look at is my best friend. She pulls a necklace out her shirt and it's the other half to my angel wing.

“I love you” i say looking at her thought the mirror

“I love you more” she replies

“Doubt it”

As i continue to look at her i  realize she fading away. I turn around in a panic.

“Wait what is happening” i say in a panic

“I'm your guardian angel i'm only here when you need me” she says tears falling down her eyes


“ not anymore. You know now i'm always gonna be here” she says pointing at the necklace with falls right about my heart

“Please don't leave me again” i say crying harder then before

“I love you” she says . And before i can reply she is gone...again.

The author's comments:

This piece is about losing someone very special to you. And i have lost many people close to me, so its very easy to make a story about losing someone close to you.

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