I'm Safe Now

March 16, 2017

I walk past the orphanage, every day is the same. Fences, gates, walls. Our town is safe. Why all this, then? To keep the kids away from us. They’re dangerous. I would know, I was one of them.
Every dangerous kid grows up there. The reasons for labeling them dangerous vary. Some have powers, such as telepathy, some are creatures, like shapeshifters, and some have “illnesses”.
I was in for schizophrenia. I was only released because they finally found a medication strong enough to make me safe. Not many make it out.
Out, out, get them out! SHUT UP! Don’t tell me what to do. I’m not crazy - crazy crazy, shush - anymore. They’re after me, though. They think I’ve been having outbursts of danger. But it’s not me. It can’t be me. I’m cured. I’m safe. No one is safe. SHUT UP! I’m safe! You are not. I AM SAFE! I’m not crazy anymore. I’m safe. I’m safe! Break the kids out. I’m safe! I promise I’m safe! That’s it! I’m safe! I’m safe! Safe! Safe! Now let them out. I PROMISE I’M SAFE!
The kids storm the town. We’re not safe. I’m not safe anymore.
You were never safe.

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