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March 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Mike is a 12th grade student at Clarkstown North High School. He is an outstanding baseball player. He has college and professional scouts come to look at him during every game he plays. He is a shortstop and a pitcher. All the scouts come to look at him because he is a top 25 high school baseball player in the country. After every game he plays people are coming up to him giving him college offers and asking if he is going into the draft. Mike and his parents sit down every night and talk about the pros and cons of going to college or going to enter the draft. He is going through a lot of stress when he thinks about these things.

Mike and his parents always have trouble agreeing on what is best' entering the MLB draft or going to college. Mike says 'If I enter the draft I will be making some money, I will be very happy, and I will be able to have a longer career. But if I go to college I will be a higher draft pick, making more money, have more experience, and have a better knowledge and ill have a degree in something.' Mikes mom lists the cons about this 'If you enter the MLB draft you won't have a college degree, you will be a lower draft pick which might prevent you from even making the team once drafted, and will not be making as much money as you will if you go to college first.' She also states the cons of going to college first. 'If you go to college you are risking getting hurt, getting in a lot of trouble, having a bad college career and end up not getting drafted, and will take longer for you to get through the minors and into the pros.'

Mike decided to go to college after long months of thinking and arguing with his parents. He attends the University of Georgia. Georgia is now ranked 4th in the country for baseball. Mike's freshman year he started at second base and hit .310 with 3 home runs and 52 RBI's. His next two years were outstanding. Going into his senior and most important year he is batting .302 with 14 home runs and 130 RBI's. All the pro scouts are looking at him and he is projected to be a top 10 pick in the 2014 MLB draft. He has one game left until he graduates. All of his friends, coaches, family, and teammates wish him good luck in the MLB. In the bottom of the 9th in a tie game Mike is on 3rd base with one out. A fly ball is hit and Mike goes to tag up and win the game. He comes charging into and the throw comes in at the same time and 'BOOM' Mike goes flying into the catcher shoulder first. Both Mike and the catcher get rushed to the emergency room. Mike's MLB fantasy will be delayed two years due to brain damage.

In 2017 Mike gets drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 3rd round. He plays 3 great years in the minor leagues. He is now going into the 2021 season as a 32. He finally makes the major league squad after long hard work. This was always Mike's dream to be playing in the MLB. Even though he is the backup second baseman he is very happy. In late August the starting second baseman from the Cubs gets injured and will be out for the remainder of the season. The coach call Mike later that night and explains how he will be starting tomorrow and for the rest of the season. Mike's life was finally fulfilled. He goes out with a couple of friends to go partying because they were thrilled.

Four hours after Mike went out Mike's mom and dad get a call from the Chicago police department. The call states that Mike got DWI and killed one person and left 3 injured. Mike's childhood dream just went down the toilet in a blink of an eye and one bad choice. Mike is suspended by the MLB for a year and is in jail for 3 months. After his league suspension, he was looking for a new contract with a new team. No team wants Mike on there roster because they all think he is a trouble maker.

Mike is now working in a new organization which is an organization where former athletes who got in trouble talk to other athletes and tell them not to get in trouble with the law. Mike's childhood dream got flushed down the toilet by one little stupid decision. He has convinced a lot of high school and college athletes to stay out of trouble and be friends with guys who are not looking for trouble. A lot of people read books about these things but for them to meet them are completely different.

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