April 4, 2017
By Bri123 BRONZE, Cocoa BeaCH, Florida
Bri123 BRONZE, Cocoa BeaCH, Florida
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So it's August 2nd 2016 and today i'm leaving my home town, well kinda it's where i've lived for over half my life and I love it here but now we are moving. I cried and cried because I didn't want to move but unfortunately that's not my choice. I have to do what my parents say. It sure does suck but it is what it is right. So anyways it's August 2nd at about 7am I had just woke up and was really sad because yesterday was my LAST day in Maine, but I rolled out of bed and into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair then into the kitchen for some breakfast well kinda, I had to eat what was still in the kitchen which was only like some crackers and goldfish, mostly snacks because we had already packed everything else. After I ate  I went back into my room( my sad empty room) and put on the change of clothes that I had laid out on my bed the night before. I took my suitcase and my pillow and brought it out to the uhaul put my pillow in the middle seat and my suitcase in the back… I went back inside to help my mom get her stuff and grab the last few things like my phone charger and my lap box. My lap box was just a small flat bin with a notebook and some stuff to do inside of it I honestly didn't even use it I just ate the candy out of it.
I went outside with my mom's stuff and put it in her seat and in the back it was a little tuff passing it to my dad because I had to climb over the trailer with my mom's car on it. Once all that was done I went inside and said goodbye to EVERY SINGLE ROOM I mean all of them. Then I walked down the stairs and outside my mom came out locked the door got in the car with the kitty and off we went. I was the saddest person of course they wanted to move cause no more snow warmer weather and my mom's dad lives in florida but I wasn't happy at all lI I had to leave all my friends. Any ways by now we are almost in bangor and me and my mom are playing with the cat and playing on our phones while dad drives, we have a long way to go 22hrs and 28mins to Florida to be exact that's without traffic or stopping! Tonight we are going to be stopping at my aunt Carolines in Connecticut we ended up arriving there at about 6pm. We had a great time we ate steak and potatoes and we went swimming with my cousins and then we watched a movie and went to bed. The next day we woke up around 8 and left at about 9. We ate breakfast and said goodbye. We then got our stuff back in the uhaul and off we went another 7-8 hours fun fun.NOT.
So we are on our way to Virginia to stay there for the night that was our “goal” for today. My dad was driving while me and my mom where in the other 2 seats it was kind of cramped but whatever. My mom and I were on our phones playing games and I was eating candy out of my lap box. We really didn't do much it was pretty boring. I was nervous the whole ride down here 1 because my friends in Maine and 2 because I really just don't like to be in the car. I don't know why but whatever. By now we are probably almost in Delaware by now we stopped at KFC for lunch I got what I always get K11, and when we were done we were back on the road we will be in Virginia in about 5 hours.
This was officially the longest most boringest ride ever!! My mom mostly slept and my dad was driving so I just played on my phone and ate snacks, I have no siblings so it was just me my mom and my dad. Oh and if you were wondering the reason we are stopping so much is because my mom and dad both and disabled veterans they served in the army that's where they met, so my mom mostly can't stay sitting for too long. When we got to Virginia we stayed in a hotel and went over to a restaurant that was like right across the street. Then we just went back to the hotel. I wanted to go in this giant pool that they had so my dad went down with me for like an hour. The pool was HUGE!!! It was really fun.  After that we just went back up to the room and went to bed.
When we woke up in the morning we left the hotel and stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get breakfast I got what I always get a bagel sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese. My parents got coffee.  Once we were done there we got gas and got back on the interstate and headed to South Carolina then to Florida. We were just driving and listening to music the BAM BAM two super loud POPS just came from our uhaul!! Two of our tires blew! It was so loud it scared me and my parents. My dad got out of the u haul to see what happened and there were 2 tires that poped! So my dad got back into the uhaul very mad and called the  u haul company to change them for free.  My dad had to walk up to the next mile marker so that they knew where we were. The guy came about an hour later! It only took him like 30 minutes to change them then we got back on the road.
Since we just had been sitting there for an hour and a half we weren't gonna get to south carolina because we are still in North Carolina and we haven't even ate dinner yet so we went about 10 miles up the rode to a hotel and we drove to a sushi  restaurant to eat. When we were done we went back to the hotel and it was raining i wanted to go swimming but we couldn't so we just went up to our room watched a movie and went to bed.
In the morning we got ready to leave again this time we are going to South Carolina my dad said that we were going to go to be almost in Georgia but not quite yet the next day we are going to be in florida. So we got back on the interstate. About an hour in we stopped to get some breakfast and hit the road for another 4 hours then we got lunch at an Applebee's then we stopped at a shopping center to get cat food a litter box and in the Home Depot we got a lock. Then we got back on the road for another 3 hours give or take. We ended up stopping in Georgia for the night we stayed at this hotel with a HUGE pool again!! My parents had an argument so they were mad at each other and weren't talking so my dad went to the store to get some snacks and me and my mom went across the street to this place where you can get smoothies and I  got strawberry! The we went back to the hotel went down to the pool and about 2 hours later we went to eat by then my parents had gotten over the argument and were talking again. When we got back to the hotel we just went to sleep because well obviously we were tired.
  The next morning we got all our stuff back into the uhaul and we were off to South Georgia almost Florida when we got there we stayed in a hotel with a super nice pool! My mom took me down to the pool for a swim. After that we went back up to the room and ate some pizza. Then we watched some TV and went to bed. The next morning we got all of our stuff into the U-Haul AGAIN and we were off to our new house it took us about five hours to get to our new house. I was really excited to see the new house but I wasn't excited to unpack everything.
Me and my mom played games on our phones while my dad drove, about 30 minutes after we hit the road, we stopped to get some breakfast. Then We drove for another 4 1/2 hours and we stopped at a Chilis to get some lunch and about 20 minutes later we arrived!
I remember this like yesterday. It was raining ?? and super cloudy. When we got there we had to run to the elevator so that we wouldn't get wet. We met patty and Tom, Tom is the president of the condo so they took us to see the place it is really nice with a great view. Once we saw the place and got the kitty all situated and went down to look at the pool and the dock and all that stuff. We loved it and we still do. When I started school I was so scared and there was one day when I cried and I was so embarrassed but now I'm love it here I've made great friends and all my teachers are super nice. But I still miss Maine a lot! We are going to go visit in July so until then I'll see you later Maine, I love you and always will.

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This short story is about me moving away from my home.

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