The Little Mermaid

March 10, 2009
By Anonymous

When I was little enough to fit beneath our kitchen sink, I lived and breathed the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. I watched that movie every day, laughing harder and harder each time I saw Sebastian the lobster, and crying hysterically when the evil Ursula stole Ariel's sweet voice. I could name every character, had the plot memorized, and sang every word of every song.

It was a day like any other. Right after my last bite of lunch, the usual macaroni and cheese, I raced down the stairs to find the videocassette of my favorite movie in the same spot I had left it the day before. I popped it in the player and sat down inches away from the screen.

It made me so happy to see Sebastian singing and dancing to the song 'Under the Sea,' with all the other fishes. But whenever Ursula appeared, I hid underneath my blankie I always carried around, fearing that her hands would reach out of the TV and grab me. And when Arial and Eric, the Prince, got married I knew it was true love.

It was when Ariel was singing 'Part of Your World,' did I realize something great. I was Ariel. I mean with her long red hair, and my long red hair, and with her green eyes and my green eyes. It was my destiny for me to become the princess of the sea.

Two days after my epiphany. I felt it was time for me to reveal the truth to my best friend Zo'. That day we went to the pool. As we were swimming, mothers rapped up in conversation, I uncovered my true identity.

'Zo',' I began, 'I have something very important to tell you,'

'Uh huh,' she replied.
At this point, I was hardly able to contain myself.

'Did you know I am a princess?!' I rushed out, unable to control my enthusiasm.

'Ha, no you're not!' she laughed.
Her response had not been what I had expected at all. I had thought she might bow, maybe ask if she could see my palace, but I had never thought that she would doubt that I was a princess when I so clearly was.
'Yes I am,' I said calmly as possible.
Zoe stepped closer to me, staring into my eyes, her face only inches from mine.
'No, you're not,' She said again, her voice much more forceful.

My confusion quickly turned into an uncontrollable anger. Tears bubbled over the corners of my eyes, burning as the salt stung my lids. And without thinking I raised my hand, hardly recognizing it as my own, and moved it towards her vulnerable cheek. It all happened so fast, the next thing I saw was the unmistakable shape of my palm and fingers on the left side of her face. I stared dazed, could this be the product of my own doings?

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