March 10, 2009
By Anonymous

"Do you know the rules of keeping a doll?"
"No, what are they?"

The dolls, which I treasured, all had realistic features and life in their eyes. More than anything, I loved them as a child. I wonder what it is about growing up that they became...just dolls?

As a child, they were my friends who stood by me forever and listened to me when I needed an ear, a hand when I fell down, and a shoulder when I cried. My dolls were my most prized possession, but when I grew older, I left them on the shelf to collect dust; I never touched them after I entered high school. I took them for granted and forgot all about their being there for me. In a sense, all children are like that, aren't they? They always say they will promise to take care of it to their parents and when they get tired of them, they cast it aside and find a new toy.

'One: they will always listen to you, so be sure to listen to them, too. Do no ignore them.'

I don't need to apologize to a lifeless thing. After all, just how much can it understand of what I'm saying? Can it even understand what I'm saying?

'Two: even though they do not bear life, they have hearts. Do not hurt their feelings, as they will not to yours.'

I know that I used to love them, but I don't anymore. Isn't that how it is with humans, anyway? They will love one thing at one point in their lives and eventually, it will end. Humans are so fickle with their emotions.

'Three: they will always trust and love you, but they will never forget. Do not forget them and what they have done for you.'

Somehow when I went into high school, trying to fit in with everybody seemed much more important. Rather than studying my math concepts or reviewing my English essays, I seemed to spend more time in front of a fashion magazine to make sure I was into the latest trends. My dolls just sat aimlessly on my shelf, just watching. Eventually, I just forgot all about them. My school friends were the people that I had to please; fitting in and being 'cool' became my top priority. Why does it seem so pointless now? Instead of feeling like I'm well-liked and happy with my 'friends', I feel alone and under pressure. In contrast to when I was alone with my dolls in my room when I was young, why was it that I was so much happier?

'You have school and your classmates, but they only have you. Do not cast them aside.'

The author's comments:
this piece was written in another person's point of view, but i tried my best to convey their feelings. i wrote this in reflection of my relationship with my former best friend, like every other story that i've written so far.

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