Dream State

March 10, 2009
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It drives me insane how I see this mystery girl, unable to find her. I see her in my dreams, and I feel like she's coming to get me. I see her sitting atop a magnificent white horse, everything about this dream is white. The horse; the snow on the ground, her white caribou cloak, her pale complexion, looks eerie with her white blond hair. But her silver eyes seem to be staring right into mine, even as she slowly starts to pull a crisp white snakeskin whip from underneath her cloak, snapping it into the air sending a loud whoosh threw the air resounding off the clearing, and that's when the picture changes.


Then what happened? Tell me what you see so I may be able to understand this better. I'm only trying to help you, we're all friends here I promise no one is going to hurt you, your safe now.


Well, now we're in the woods it's like she's toying with me. Everything is different for starters her cloak is black, no wait it's red but a red so deep it could pass for black. Almost like it's stained with the blood of innocents, just like me. The horse is still white, along with her hair, and the forest, even her complexion. But her eyes, her eyes were deep red, blood red. The horse rears his hooves slice threw the crisp morning air, and as his hooves fall to the ground, she turns to look at me, slowly, deliberately. She smiles, her smile is all to evil, her mouth is lined with jagged sharp teeth, it sends a shiver down my spine. As the last trembles rake loose and her eyes sine with victory, she slowly leisurely turns her head toward the east to watch as the last light disappeared and the fog started to creep in. Gently jerking her head in that direction, kicking her horse in motion, they gradually made their way through the dense trees. While I on the other hand was left to linger made haste to keep up, finally she brought her horse to a halt, causing me to almost run into the horse's caboose. My mystery girl dismounted her horse making a light thump as she landed on the ground. She softly lifted her arm to point a long ghostly pale finger off in the distance, I stare but see nothing, and then I saw it, I saw what she wanted me to see, it was me, I stood there pale and hauntingly. The picture sifts again, now I'm looking down I'm looking at my body lying stone still on the ground on the cold hard earth. I gaze into the trees surrounding me just fast enough to catch a glimpse of a white blur emerge into the moonlight. As the figure approaches I am not surprised to see that it's a white wolf. She always comes to haunt my dreams, her silver eyes come to rest on me and she smiles a toothy smile, jaws gaping wide open, reviling her fangs. Finally her eyes drop down to where my body lay, and a look of understanding came across my face, along with one of pure fear. I watched helplessly as the great wolf advanced toward my lifeless body. Even as she gave me a look inside her mind for a glimpse of her plan for my body, just then her cold, wet nose touched my corpse I knew this was to let me know that she wanted me to see what was going to happen and yet feel it. My body jerked and seemed to snap out of its coma- like state. She wanted a fight, but more than anything she wanted a response. Not only from my body but from me watching and feeling it as well, she was going by the motto: Double the pain, double the fun. I wanted to turn and run, to flee this dream but I was unable to move, I couldn't even scream.

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