edge of the world

April 3, 2017
By WilliamGessler SILVER, Antioch, California
WilliamGessler SILVER, Antioch, California
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"Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up" Rocky Balboa

“Don’t do it” Devon stood at the edge of the world with Will, Will was there to end his life there was no nice way of saying it. Devon had come to save his friend, little did he know his best friend was beyond saving.
“Why not… no one would miss me” Will took another step closer to the edge, as he looked down he could see no end to the fall… this was what he wanted.
“That’s not true, you have so many friends, and all of them are here for you”
“If that were true wouldn’t they be here now, they would be here to stop me from jumping right”
“Will…” Devon didn’t know what else to say he took a step closer to Will in hopes of reaching him, but Will simply said.
“What's the point of having all these friends, when none of them are there when I need them.” He turned away from his best friend and stepped off the edge, into the endless abyss. Devon reached forward to grab him but was too late… Will was gone. Devon started to remember all the good times they shared. All the times they got in trouble, all the times they saved each other. He never thought it would end like this. Watching his best friend, no his brother fall to his death.
“Will… I’m sorry” Devon stood up tears running down his cheeks, he had nowhere else to go so he began to walk home… but without his brother no place ever really felt like home. A week later was Will’s funeral, and just as the priest had left. Devon stood alone in front of Will’s tombstone. Each raindrop brought a different memory to devon, memories of his brother.
“Will… I’m sorry I should’ve been there for you when you needed me… ever since you moved to antioch we’ve been pretty seperated, but I never thought you would do this, I already miss all the good times we shared, like that time you crashed your bike into a parking lot and we had to run away from the owner, or when we got kicked out of your mom’s house” Devon began to cry again, his bitter tears were followed by weary laughs. “I wish you would’ve told me, but I want you to always remember… even if no one else misses you I always will.”

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