the taker and the giver

March 29, 2017

Every year around Christmas time there is always two types of people, the taker which are the people that want to get or take and don’t care about giving and there are the givers who are generous and wants to give to make people happy. Now think to your self if you have a taker or giver in your family? Most people say they have both. Now wait let me get back to the point. Once there was a family named the Johnson’s this family was well known around the city of London as the richest people. They own tons of land in the United states and had lots of companies in mega cities such Tokyo, Japan. Every year for Christmas the Tomas Johnson would donate 40% of his salary to charities and buy gift for everyone that lived in the dump. He was a real giver everyone loved him and wanted to meet him. He was called the Santa for the poor for giving to the poorest people in England who lived in the dumps he was a national celebrity.

This year he was planning to make the festival big, he wanted fireworks, food stands, shows and more, he was going overboard but everyone loved him for it so he continued to work on the festival night and day. He died at the age of 67 the week before the festival of a heart attack due to stress and not sleeping. It was a sad day for everyone except for his son. His son was extremely a taker, when is father died the money went to him, he was the only person smiling in the funeral. His name was Marcus Johnson and he was in charge of all the land, companies and the giving festival. He took away one of those. Can you guess? The giving festival his father has been doing for years sounds bad but people can change.

Marcus what are you doing? Mother I am morning for my father’s death he said in a sarcastic tone of voice. Well Marcus I know its hard on you to make the festival but your father would have been so proud if you were to do it? Are you serious! Marcus said you want me to give all my money to those idiots that don’t work. I beg you pardon said the mother how dare you talk like this your father would be disappointed and you know it!!! Mother shut up! I have the money and I do what I want and what I want is for the festival to be canceled for as long as I live. He left and shut the door loud and in an aggressive matter.

That day Marcus him self had to go in front of all the poor in London and say that the festival was never going to happen again. The people from the dumps weren’t angry but just disappointed.  This was Marcus’s worst mistake the name of the Johnson family went from having a good reputation of being givers to takers. Instead he said he wanted everyone to give him a donation for all the festivals in the past years. The poor reacted with an angry and in outrage. To make matters worst Marcus went to the media and said that they were all a bunch of animals that were just greedy and only liked my father for the festival and gifts they are a gold-digger.

As the year past Marcus was considered business greediest and most aggressive with wining many arguments through yelling and insulting. He had brought a bad repetition for his family. The time of the festival was coming and his family begged him to change but the money and greed was making him a taker and a bad person, as usual he ignored them and continued to be a bad person but not for too long he was going to change.

That very day his manager said that he had to meet with the mayor of London discus business opportunities in the dumps to destroy it and make it the new down town and kick the people out. On his way a little boy named Joshua said to Marcus. You’re Mr. Johnson aren’t you, he replied yes I am can you move away I’m in a hurry, please this will only take a second. Marcus stopped and listened to the boy. I beg you to please help my mother she is sick and my father is doing his best to get the money for the treatment, I beg you to please bring back the festival it would mean the world to me and to my mother. Marcus replied in an annoyed way is that right well show me then, thinking that the boy was lying to just bring back the festival. Joshua said of course and brought him to the side of London known as the dumps of the city. As Marcus walked through “the dumps” he saw poverty that was something he wasn’t used to. People were dead and starving, people had garbage as a house and for food. Marcus felt something he hasn’t felt for a while and that was sadness for the people of the dumps. Then he thought to him self this is why my father did this festival to help the people of the dumps.  When Joshua got to show his mom she was on the floor she had yellow skin and was vomiting blood she had bugs eating her slowly. Marcus was in tears and as quickly as he could he ran to the mayor and asked to make a festival so big that each person in the dumps would get normal food, healthcare and a house to live in and not to make the down town at the dumps. The mayor said that it would cost at least over one hundred million and said that he was stupid to give up the down town deal. Marcus said I don’t care and got every single person in the dumps a good life. That night Joshua’s mom was treated and survived her sickness and had a roof over her head.

Every day Marcus apologies to the people to his family and to his father for being a taker. Till this day the Johnson family makes the festival for the poor. They have a good reputation and Marcus is considered the most honest business man. Anyone can change if they want to be a kind person and help others its a lot easier than to be a taker.

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