March 29, 2017
By Xx.NowYouSeeMe.xX BRONZE, Manteno, Illinois
Xx.NowYouSeeMe.xX BRONZE, Manteno, Illinois
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It was a normal spring break day. I had done. Itching all day before taking my sister around to do her errands that she forgot to do when she was already out this morning. We finally get home and I waste time before the meeting tonight for Women of Today.  It's a group that help collect things for women shelters and things like that. I take my shower before sitting down and watching some Ghost Adventures. My mom comes home from work around 5 and goes right on her computer getting ready for the meeting tonight. She talked about wanting to get there early so that we could eat before everyone got there so we could get right into the meeting. She keeps working away on her laptop before she realizes what time it is. She quickly grabs everything before realizing that my sister is nowhere to be seen. I tell her that she had went upstairs to take a nap while I was in the shower and she goes and wakes her up.
We left our house a while after my mom had wanted to leave. "I'll drive," I say while putting on my shoes. I then realize that I forgot to put on perfume and deodorant so I ran back to the bathroom and quickly put both on. By the time I was done and back to the front door my sister had put her shoes on and was standing up. We all walked to the van and I got into the driver’s seat before noticing that I didn't have the keys. "Can I have the keys?" I ask my mom.
"Oh yeah. You probably need those," she says digging them out of her purse before handing them to me. I immediately put them in the ignition and start the car. Soon the song Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides plays.
"Why did my phone connect to the car?" I question while I back out of the driveway. I then realize that I got my mom to like some of the songs and it must be her music playing. I laugh at myself before speeding to Panera. My mom wanted to get there at 6:30 but we hadn't even left the house until 6:43. I speed so we make it to the meeting at 7. It wouldn't look good for my mother being late since she is the president of our chapter. I quickly drive the fifteen minute drive and pull into the parking lot. I go to pull into a spot while making voices because I was parking between two other cars.
"There is a whole parking lot and you want to park in between two cars. Go find another spot if it makes you uncomfortable," my mom says rolling her eyes. I quickly make it around the parking lot. I put it in park and we file out of the car. We start to go to the doors when my mom’s friend and when of the women in the group catches up with us. Her and my mom talk for a little bit while we walk into Panera. We walk straight to the register and wait our turn. Someone from the group had already saved us some spots. I order my chicken tortellini Alfredo frost with a side of chips and some weird flat bread BBQ chicken sandwich and I go and sit down in the middle of the table with my back facing the wall. When everyone gets their food we sit down and I take out my notebook to take notes.
I'm the group’s unofficial secretary. I'm not supposed to be in the group since I'm only 17, but my mom wants me to be ready since I'm going to be a real member when I turn 18 in December. I put the date at the top of my paper: March 28, 2017. The meeting goes like it usually does. We talk about things that will be happening in our group and the national groups. Of course when the whole group are friends they get sidetracked. During one of their off topic discussions, another one of the group members come and sit down. She brought her daughter around my age, but she wanted to sit in a corner away from us. I didn't mind her sitting that far away. We had only met a few times before that. As the meeting goes on, my mom is talking about something serious and then all of a sudden starts laughing. I turn to my right where she is sitting and raise my eyebrow at her.
"What is it?" I ask her while looking confused. I turn to my sister who is on the other side of me who just shrugs and goes back to picking at her food. I turn back to face the woman in front of me but someone behind her catches my eye. I look over to see a boy that, to me, looks like he was a freshman or sophomore is college. He looked like one of those guys that they would use in movies to play a teenager but they weren't really a teenager. I hear my mom laugh more so I look back at her looking away from the guy. She just shakes her head and continues what she was talking about before her outburst. I go back to taking my notes without even thinking about it. When the meeting was over we sat and chatted more with the women and my mom starts laughing again. "What are you laughing about now?" I question looking at her.
"How oblivious you are," she says looking at her friend across from her.
"What do you mean?" I ask while scrunching my eyebrows together.
"The boy earlier stood up to leave and he glanced over here before he turned and watched you for a little bit," she laughed a little bit about the memory. "He put his jacket on slowly while he watched you and you didn't even notice."
"Which boy?" Her friend across from my sister asked.
"He was in the booth right there. He got up and did a double take before full on staring at her. I couldn't hold it in any longer."
We talked for at least ten more minutes. While they were talking. I was talking to my friend about what my mom said. She said that if she was there then she would have made sure I got his number. I laughed. We soon left and we headed to Walmart because we had to pick up a few things. Throughout the whole time all I could think about was the guy. We got home and my mom was going to go back out with one of her friends to see the movie Get Out and me and my sister wanted to see a movie too but my mom didn't want to bring us with so she gave us money and we ran up to Family Video.
My sister really wanted to see Lights Out so she grabbed it and wandered around before I narrowed my choices down to two: Moana and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I finally decided on Moana and grabbed it. We picked up Polar pops and decided to pick my friend, Alyssa, up. We went to our house and watched Lights Out first. I screamed quite a few times. It was great. Then we watched Moana right after because you have to follow up something scary with something happy. There were some good parts but overall I didn't really like it. Sure it's a princess movie but it just seemed to boring to me.
When we finished it was 1:11 and I still had to drive Alyssa back home. I grabbed my mom's keys and drove the two blocks to her house before speeding home. I walked into the house and talked to my mom and sister for a little bit before going upstairs and getting dressed for bed. Now all I can think about how if I would have just worked up the courage I would have known that guy's name. Maybe even had his number. I should have. As I fall asleep I wish that I could just redo this day just so I could see him one more time. Maybe even talk to him this time. Just maybe.

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