Conflictive times

March 29, 2017
By Reymendez BRONZE, Wilmington , Delaware
Reymendez BRONZE, Wilmington , Delaware
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This will be a story of a couple of occurrences that happened to me that were not really the best things that a person can ask for, well in my eyes. This occurred back in 2005, I was 5 years of age, this incident occurred around 4:00 pm I still remembered how the day went on, I came from a long day in kindergarten got home and did my usual routine. I washed the dishes and then did my homework. I waited for my dad to come from work, after he came we ate as a family and left the house to go buy some things that we needed for the house. Well my mom, dad and I were in the car in the middle of the highway when out of nowhere a car crashed the back of my dad's car full speed nothing happened to my parents or myself, the only thing that got damaged was the back of the car, it was scary and all but that was really it the people that crashed us paid for the damages and we went home and went with our day but it was kind of traumatizing.

Another crazy situation that i was in, was when I broke my knee. I was about 7 years old, the occurring happened in the 2007, I was in the park playing running around in the playground, well I got bored of playing in the playground so I just started running around exploring the park looking around etc. I saw a huge fence, on the other side there was nothing. The fence was as big as an oak tree, well I walked up and started to climb the fence, it took me about 3 or 4 minutes to reach the top, when I did reach the top I sat on top looking downwards. Suddenly I just decided to jump of the fence and and I landed wrong. My leg bent causing the knee to snap and I screamed for my dad to come he carried me to the car and we went to the hospital. I got surgery and got some plate thing to keep my knee in place so that it could heal better. It was very painful and it took a very long time to heal, about 2 to 3 months.

This was more recent, this happened in the 2010. I got an asthma attack, i started of in the morning of a saturday, so before I got the attack I had a horrible cold, non stop coughing, and sneezing with bothersome throat sores. This occurred in the morning, I woke up and felt like I was out of breath, when I noticed it automatically I couldn't inhale air and could breathe, my family was in the living room, when I went up to them I told them that I couldn't breathe, they took me to the hospital and I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. The first week the doctors were taking care of me and giving me the needs to become healthy again. The last week we were they were just checking my health after that I went back home.

This happened in the 2008 it wasn't really crazy but it can still make the list. I was at my friend's birthday party, it was in a park and we were all having fun playing tag, hide and seek (what I used to play at the time). There were woods so my friends and I walked inside the woods, we were playing hide and seek at the time and my friends and I were trying to find a good place to hide. The others followed me in, we all departed and went our own ways, well I was young and very competitive and I was really trying to win the game, which meant that I walked deep in the woods. I found a decent size tree and I sat down not making a noise, after 9 minutes of waiting I heard a noise I thought that it was one of the kids who were looking for me. I looked over and it was a large man standing straight looking at me, he was wearing all black, with his legs far apart, he did not say a word, it was quiet for a long time.

The man did not say a word and just looked at me with a blank expressions. I got up slowly and sprinted towards the party, I heard footsteps behind me getting closer and closer. Luckily I crossed the tree line and went where the others were I looked over the tree line and no one came out. I told my friends parents of what happened and said that it was ok. After that nothing really happened from there that was it. These were just some of the unpleasant moments of my life, kind of like highlights that I won't really forget.


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