March 29, 2017

      The story of Eli Cole, My story, begins in the state of Oregon, at the edge of Elderwoods, in the town of Willow Falls. I just became a park ranger because of my love for the outdoors, and thought that this would be an amazing job for me. I have always wanted to be a police officer or somthing like that. Im a good shot and love helping people and animals. Just imagining being in the woods i grew up in helping people get a tent out of a tree or anything like that. I would be like a superhero. The pay was decent, and I got to do what I love most, be in the woods helping people in need. Anyways , I just got on the force and wanted to get good money right away. There weren't many good options left, because after all I was the rookie. Then something caught my eye. The position for watch on the back side of Elderwoods. I thought to myself this would be perfect. I've never been to this part of Elderwoods before so it would be nice to explore. I asked the chief if I could take this part and he said “ Are you sure you want this part of the woods rookie? There is a reason that this spot is open”. Being my “fearless” self. I ignored him and told him I wanted the job.

         He let me take it, and told me there was a road that lead to a cabin out there that I would be posted in. As I was walking out the door, I could hear other officers murmuring. I tried to ignore them, but as I was stepping out the door I heard a word that froze me. “Bigfoot”. I turned around and looked at the man who said it. He looked like the kinda man who lived in his car because of the bristled hair on his chin that looked like dark brown needles on his face, and because his hair stuck up in either which way some swirling like an Oklahoma storm. He had a brown shirt on (that I assume used to be white because of marks that were darker and lighter in different places) and army pants that covered the orange flip-flops he wore. I was going to ask him about what he had said but decided that he was a waste of time. It was a long and creepy drive all the way through the wood to get to the cabin I was stationed at. There were trees that resembled people, and I got the strange feeling I was being watched. I finally saw an opening in the road that shown light from the afternoon sky on the dark path like a flashlight on the ground at midnight. The long narrow log cabin stood about twenty foot high at most and was covered in moss and what seemed like fungus.

      The cabin looked like no one had touched it in years, because of the cracked and rotting wood on its cover, and the way it resembled a greenhouse turned inside out with all the plants on it. I walked up to the house and tried to open the door but it was stuck. I pushed a little harder while twisting the doorknob and still nothing, so I started pushing and twisting the knob as hard as I could and then ‘SNAP”. The door knob, along with my hand, went through the door. I smiled, pulled my hand out of the door, and then kicked the door down. Before I could even look up the smell hit me, and it hit me hard. It smelt, and looked like everything was rotting away. The red carpet on the floor was drenched, and every step I took brown foam and liquid came out beside my foot. I started to explore the cabin. Only one room in the whole cabin was dry. It was a small room with a lantern a bed and a desk with what seemed like a computer. After taking a closer look I discovered it was a monitor. “What is this doing here?” after examining the monitor for a bit I sat down and read the file I was given at the station. So basically my job was to set up cameras, that were supposed to be in the desk, and scan for a local poacher named Bobby Dub who is killing bears illegally. “Easy enough”.

      That night, my first night on the job I already saw this guy on cameras. He was actually pretty close to my cabin. But then something else caught my eye. “There is something following him”. In every picture I got of him in the background you can see a large dark figure. Way too big to be a bear. I thought about what the guy at the station said about Bigfoot. “No, could that really be?” I got goosebumps on the spot, and I felt my stomachs turn like a washing machine with a full load. That whole week I saw that thing following the poacher anytime he showed up on a camera. Then one night I heard a scream. “AHHHHHH”! I ran outside to find a dead Bobby Dub hanging in a tree by his own traps. I automatically pulled out my gun and looked around.

      Then I grabbed my flashlight. The first thing I saw when I lifted it up was a pair of glowing red eye that were attached to a 10” monster. The beast had a dark appearance. It looked like three large bushes stacked on top of each other with a pair of legs and arms that resemble tree trunks. I dropped my flashlight and ran into my house locking the door and holding my gun at the door ready to fight back. Then all the sudden the door burst open and the monster came at me like a mad bull raging at the bright color of red being dragged by a conquistador. I fired two shots into its chest, and then the last thing I saw was a chair being hurled at my head. I woke up a week and a half later in the hospital. I asked the doctor what happened and he told me i was found by a hiker who explored my busted up cabin to find me unconscious. “Did they find the dead man” I said. The doctor stared at me wide eyed. “No it's not like that, I didn't kill him IT did” I said out loud as fast as I could the words spraying out of my mouth like a hose, not thinking about how crazy I must have sounded. “Ummmmm sir, I think you hit your head to hard” said the doctor, in a concerned voice. I was there for the next week “recovering from head injuries”. I just went along with it so I could leave. After that I went back to work in the forest but never went back even near that cabin, always having that fear of the beast in the deepest part of my mind like the bottom of the sea. It's been 20 year since that happened and I still work the woods to this day. I just feel sorry for the next man to go work in that part of Elderwoods.

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