Pete the Freak

March 29, 2017
By Anonymous

    I’m Billy, a 5’7”, 17 year old senior at Cherlet high school. I haven’t gone to the last two weeks of school because i have been in court as a witness of murder. The defendant is Pete. We didn’t know his last name because he was born in an abandoned factory and his father killed his mom and himself. So, what did Pete do? Well, Pete killed a man named Sean at his cabin that was located about 75 feet from my grandparents old house. He hid the dead body in Sean’s house and burned it. Luckily i was driving by and pulled out my phone to record it. There was no service so I couldn’t call the police. Later that night I took it the the police and Pete was arrested later the next day after killing two police officers that were chasing him the last one tased him. I was on the news the night of the court case. Pete was found guilty because of me and my video and he couldn’t be happy about that. But, i won’t see him ever again so that doesn’t really matter. Today is my first day back to school since the murder. I walked into the lunchroom where my friends and I talk before school. “So glad you’re back you've missed so much.” said Julio. “ Yea I know it feels weird.” I said. “So all of you are going to the bonfire tonight, right?” Susie said. “Yes” everybody said at the same time. “Good I got to get home and get ready. See you guys tonight.” I said.

     “Bye mom I'll see you tomorrow morning we are staying in gramps old cabin.” “Okay have fun and don't do anything to crazy or stupid.” “I won't, bye” I drove to go pick up Julio and Chad. Susie  is supposed to get Sophia and Jack and drive them to the cabin. I picked up Julio and Chad and drove 15 minutes to the cabin. As we pulled in a blue van sped off into the fog. My grampas cabin sat about 75 feet from the cabin where Sean was killed and his cabin was burned. Susie's car drove and parked behind me. I got out of the car and the air still smelled like smoke from the burnt cabin. We got the fire started in the pit and got some hot dogs out to cook. The air is thick and had a chared taste. My phone started ringing mid bite in my hot dog. I looked at my phone, it was my mom’s number, why would she be calling me? I answered “ Pete……..escap……….ail……”. What did you say mom?” “Pete escaped jail!”

     Just as she said that my phone lost connection. I sat there for a second thinking about what she said. As I was dozing off Chad walked over to a van that pulled up. “GET AWAY FROM THE VAN!” He looked at me and turned back as a man stepped out of the van. The man got back in the van and drove off as Chad turned around and said, “He wanted to know if we needed tents, but I told him we are staying in the cabin over there” “Why are you so jumpy all of a sudden Billy?” “Well, Pete broke out of jail. I think we should just go home.” I responded. I got in my car and turned the key. Nothing happened. I checked the hood and the battery was gone. “My battery is gone!” Susie said. I turned around just in time to see an axe go through the window and slice Chad’s head in half. I looked up at a huge man standing next to the car. It's Pete. Half of his face if burned from fire and his eyes are covered by his hair. He looks in my direction and I yell “RUN!” I sprinted as fast as I could towards the cabin. I couldn't run fast with the mud, the mud was clumpy and sucked my feet in the ground. He walked behind dragging the axe behind him on the ground. I heard a car start I glance behind my shoulder to see Susie's car speed off in the distance. I ran in the cabin and locked the door. The only problem was that was only one door and it was where Pete was. I heard three loud knocks and a crack in the door. He is axing the door! I had to get out. I ran to the bathroom which had a big enough window to get through. As I got in the bathroom I heard a loud crash of a door hitting the floor. I needed something to break the window but I don't know what to use. I grabbed a plunger and hit the window with the wood handle. The glass shattered and a jumped through. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Pete walk in the bathroom as I started running. I looked down at my hands and they were gushing blood from the window. I ripped my shirt off and tied it around my fists. There was only one place to go, the burnt cabin. I ran in through a hole in the side of the living room. I ran all the way to the back of the house where the bedroom was. I ran into a red closet filled with old clothes. It reeked of smoke and body odor. It was at least 10 minutes before I heard loud footsteps dragging through the house. I heard a deep raspy voice “I know you’re here Billy. I waited another 5 minutes before he was straight in front of the closet. I jumped out and wrapped my arm around my neck choking him out. I had him for about 2 minutes and nothing happened, he was perfectly fine. I have no idea how he can still breath. He flipped me over his back on to the ground, knocking the air out of me. I opened my eyes to see him walking off, but he soon returned 3 minutes later. He returned with a gun. He doesn't care if he gets caught now he just wants me to suffer and die. I looked at him as he lifted his gun. I closed my eyes when his gun was pointed at me. “BANG” a gunshot went off, I opened my eyes and saw Pete’s body laying on the ground next to me. In the doorway was Susie and a police officer shaking from killing a man. I took the gun from her as she sat down and started crying. It was her first time killing someone. I handed the gun to Susie and said “I thought you left me to die for a little bit.” “You know I would never do that.” She said “Let’s go home Susie” I said
     We dragged the police officer to her car, we figured it wouldn't be safe for her to drive after all of that. So I drove all of us back to my house and explained it to the cops and my parents at my house. After the police were done taking notes and asking questions they left and said they would be back tomorrow morning around 10:00 am. About 25 minutes after they left my phone was ringing so I answered, “Hello this is Billy” “Billy, this is officer Michael Satorez, Pete is not in the cabin where you said….. is this a prank.” “ No I would never lie about this!” “ Well there is no evidence or blood anywhere so if you’re telling the truth keep your eyes peeled and I'll be at your house in the morning for protection just in case.” “Okay see you tomorrow officer.” I hung up and locked all the doors and windows just in case. I heard something in the distance. It was a police siren.
      “I thought they were coming in the morning” I whispered to myself. The car parked in our driveway and the sirens went off. A big strong man with long hair and a patch on his stomach stepped out of the car. “PETE IS HERE!” “All my guns are in the shed and I can't get them without him seeing me.” My dad said. “I thought you always had a pistol in our room!” my mom yelled. “I took it over there to clean it and never finished because it got dark!” My dad Responded even louder. “Guys stop yelling we just need to get rid of Pete let's focus.” Susie said in an annoyed voice. “I have a plan” I said. “Huddle around.” We talked for a good 25 seconds before I heard wood cracking at the door from an axe. “GO NOW” I yelled. My mom and Susie ran out the house to go get the police and my dad ran out the back door just as the front door was knocked to the ground with a loud crash. There I was staring at Pete in the face. He took his hand and brushed his hair out of his eyes. One eye was milky white and the other was blood red. His red eyes made him look very angry and evil. He charged me and rammed me into a wall. As I payed on the ground a copper taste filled my mouth. He looked at me and said “I have waited two weeks for this.” He had a grim smile his teeth were pure black like burnt wood. He raised his axe and was preparing to slice me in half when a gunshot went off. His body fell to the ground with a bullet in between his eyes and an axe lying next to him. My dad was standing in the doorway, motionless. About ten minutes later cops arrived and put Pete in a body bag and drove off. “Well that clears everything up” said officer Satorez. “Yea I guess it's the fast way.” I said. “You guys should get some rest and we will be back at noon for interviews and talk.” officer Satorez said. “Okay see you tomorrow.” I said. I turned around to see my mother and sister bawling while hugging each other. My dad stood shaking with his eyes wide open holding his gun and looking at Pete’s dead body. My whole body was shaking from the adrenalin. My head was spinning. My heart started to ache i gripped my chest as my vision went black. I had a heart attack! I died within ten minutes of the heart attack. You might be asking yourself how am i writing this when I’m dead. Well……. I am just a spirit, a ghost as you might call it. From now on I shall haunt everybody who comes across the old cabin to warn them and tell my story!

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