True Places

March 27, 2017
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This place is like heaven on Earth. I’ve never seen any place like it. The trees are abundant with leaves, the flowers are blooming with beautiful flower petals, colours, and tones. It sat right in the middle of the forest; a little clearing of beauty and peace. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before, and I’m not sure how Ethan found it either, but it was like Heaven on Earth. The clearing had such a  calm serenity to it that it captivated my eyes, emotions, my everything. There was a small creek that ran smoothly on the far end of it along most of the meadow, almost like a moat. Little river pads floated along the river, with a frog resting perfectly atop one. A flock of birds flew by, chirping and flapping their wings with glee. This place felt like eternal bliss. “It’s not down on any map.” he spoke. “Places like this are never down on any maps. True places never are.”

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