Flip or Fail

March 14, 2017
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Trembling, as the crowd fell silent I hopped onto the beam. Roundoff handspring backflip straddle back walkover finally back off the beam I tell myself You can do this!  With the little aplomb I had left, I flip. My fingertips brushed the edge of the beam five more flips. With every flip and twist the end of the beam got closer and closer. I was on the last flip before the back off the beam, when I heard a high pitch static ringing in my ear. THUD! I missed. My head whacked the beam as I fell. The crowd gasped as I hit the ground. The medics rushed over to me and hoisted me up onto the stretcher. Everything slowly became black after that.

I can't remember what happened after I blacked out. When I came to I was in the hospital. With No memory of what happened I shot up in the bed, giving myself a head rush. Slowly, I laid back down on the bed. As my head laid back, “I tried to warn you,” a shady voice muttered.
I was confused, “Who are you?”
“You don’t remember me?” They announce, “I feel no pity for you or your family..”
“How do you know my family?” I questioned, they sounded female, but I couldn’t tell. As my vision became less blurry the figure became clear. Shade… That’s impossible she was executed.

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