The End

March 13, 2017

The End

What had happened the night of the attack there was no forgetting of what happened that very night.But now there was something else too hard for me to explain... there was clothes and silent but still useable cars.
I am the only survivor in my family unless they survived somehow. I couldn’t remember who I was or who I once was all my memories lost all I had was a photo of my family which were probably gone I was once again all alone in the darkness. All I could think of was the people that had lost somebody they loved the same thing for me I didn’t remember my friends as I wondered countlessly thinking to myself.
As I walk around looking for at least one person to talk to or at least find somewhere to stay for the night because it was getting late and I began to hear “them” coming. Eventually, I find a small store with meds which I tossed into my bag along with some food and water bottles then I had locked the doors just in case they got in but shortly afterwards I passed out on the air mattress that I put inside a tent.

Early, that morning I heard countless footsteps and saw a figure with a backpack and object that I couldn’t identify. It was probably a bat or possibly a metal pole/pipe I didn’t know so what I did was open the tent zipper a little to see a girl about the size of a teenager so I unzipped it the rest of the way and said,
The teenage girl turned around quickly and almost hit me with her sword.
“I am so sorry about that I thought that you were one of them,” she said apologetically.
I looked at her with a confused look and I said,”it’s ok”,and                                                     
“Who are  you and what is this city called?”the girl responded with a horrified sound in her voice. ”Well I am Sara Burnett and where you are right now is Hudsonville. Then Sara handed me a axe and I asked
¨What is this for?¨,
She looked at me confused,
  ¨You don't  know what happened?¨she asked.
I replied, ¨I know a little bit¨.
Shortly after that me and her sat inside my tent, I put up inside the store and Sara told me what had happened to all of her friends and family as tears fell down my face she asked me if I could've remembered what happened to my friends and family.
I said, ¨No.¨
She showed me a picture of her family told me their names and I showed her picture of my family, but did not remember their names. Then it all of the sudden it came to me. I had remembered who I was and who my family was. Shortly afterwards, Sara and I fell asleep and by the next morning I grabbed my bag and some supplies. Sarah was still sleeping, so I left her a note telling her where I was going. The note said:
I am Aleigha Jackson and I am going to find my family just a few miles away-Aleigha. 
I ran and ran until I get home only to find  the doors and windows all boarded up. I had secret way of getting in and so eventually, I got in. I repeatedly called their names and no one replied I had heard the sound of  my horses out back. I fell down to the floor, tears falling down face, then I heard my sister’s voice and I called her name,
In the distance I heard her faint reply. She called my name. Then I ran to her until her and I collided  into each other's arms.

Later that day, we heard a knock on the door. I got my axe ready only to see it to be Sarah, but quickly ducked down because I didn't want her  in here with me and Aubrey.
Aubrey was scared and I told her not to be afraid so me and Aubrey ran upstairs quietly and me and her slept in our parents bed with a candle lit until Aubrey fell asleep. The next morning Aubrey was downstairs screaming and I realized “they” had got in.
Aubrey unlocked the doors and told me hurry and get out before I got hurt and before I got out I saw Aubrey pouring gasoline all over the floor. She lit a match and dropped it. I watched in horror as the house ignited into flames. I cried countlessly because I had lost the only one that I had loved, but now she was gone.
Everyone else was gone, for all I know, my friend Sara could be gone to. After the flames had gone out, I rushed towards the big pile of ashes and I began to dig through the ashes. Which left many burn scars on my arms and only to find that Aubrey wasn’t ok she was barely breathing which indicated that her lungs were burnt. So I picked her up and held her as close as possible. As I continuously cried, I gained and lost my sister that morning.
I ran my rugged fingers through her straight smooth hair and I whispered to her over and over again-
Everything will be ok. I promise.
As her final word  was in motion, she said, “ I will always be by your side watching over you…”
She stopped speaking and at that moment I knew she left me. I held her closer to me as tight as possible and cried on her shoulder and soon and it began to rain. I still held her in my arms as tight as possible while crying against her cold, but wet shoulder.
I picked up Aubrey’s body and carried it into the neighbor's house and placed her body on the bed. I didn’t know what else to do with her, but I didn’t want to leave her out in the rain. It was the “sister code”
I kept saying to Aubrey to wake up and return but she had risked her life to save mine. I wished she was still here with me. Soon I had realized that I was all alone once again  because Aubrey wasn’t coming back...EVER.
I had given Aubrey a proper burial and ripped a piece of dress off of her to remind me of her when I needed it most to comfort me. I had placed  a rose on her grave and I couldn’t turn away without turning back to look at her grave and cry. I laid  there at her grave for countless days and nights and when the sun risen the next morning and I stared at her grave picked up my bag then I placed the picture of me and her together on her grave. Then I picked up my bag and said, “Miss you Aubrey...”
Shortly afterwards, I slowly walked away wishing that Aubrey didn’t do what she did. Aubrey shouldn’t of taken her own life for mine!
Wish you were still here, Aubrey-I said to myself.
Many days later, I walked past my neighbor’s house and I saw someone inside.  So I walked inside only to find my brother Max.
Immediately when our eyes locked we began to move towards each other in an embrace.
“ Where have you been? I was worried sick!”I asked him.
He only hugged me tighter and he had told me what happened to everybody else and then when he began to talk about Aubrey I began to cry.  I told him the story of what Aubrey did to save me. Max and I sat there hugging for hours until finally  we stopped hugging. Max had a bandage over his eye and I asked him what had happened to his eye he looked down and  said,
“We will talk about it later.”
He walked into a bathroom and looked in the mirror.
The next morning,I tossed Max a cinnamon roll and I grabbed one out for myself as well.
“So uh...Max you going to tell me what happened to your eye?”,
I asked,“Yea,well I stayed in this fortification for a while and then these random people  shot my eye and the survivors that I stayed with helped me¨,Max said.
I nodded in agreement which in that case Max grabbed some movies and a battery based tv.
I  helped Max set it up then I paused for a second only to end up having a flashback then I get up and walk to the bedroom mirror. I ran my fingers over my left eye only find out that the same thing happened to me as it did to Max. I slowly began to take off the bandage as Max walked in he admired my eye and I told him what had happened to my eye. Max and I collided into each other’s arms and hugged for a while only to discover that Max took off his bandage off his eye and admired it.

Later that day,Max and I boarded up all the doors and windows and began to watch a movie with headphones on the movie was based on the same situation we’re in  .If only things went back to normal, but apparently not so Max and I are going to stick together through this until the very end...even if it means dying. Once a sister always a sister. Nothing will stop us from surviving as long as possible we can do  it and we will do it together just Max and I. As, I stared constantly into the mirror only to remind myself of the horrible things that had happened to me,Aubrey,and Max. Aubrey was free while me and Max were stuck on this planet which we now can’t even call Earth but deep down inside I know Aubrey would want us to live on so live on we will for Aubrey’s sake.
We will live on from now to our very end then we will finally be free with Aubrey and the rest of my family from now to the end-Aleigh Jackson.
Me and Max walked for awhile until we finally stopped a found a fortification but no one knew us and we didn’t know. The gate opened we walked in only to be forced to the ground and the people ripped my duffel bag off my back.They pulled out they food and water bottles and left the meds inside the bag.Max?Where did he go?Did they harm him?Are they planning on killing him?Is he already dead?
All of this went through my mind countlessly. What have they done to max? I need to know. I can’t lose my brother. I already lost a sister. I will never forget what had happened that day.

Two girls about my age took me to where Max was I ran towards Max immediately and we held each other tightly.
“What is this place?”I asked
“Oh you know an  old broken down factory”one of the girls said, well the other took me away from Max
“No Max!”I struggled to get out of her arms the other one tackled me down.
Two more people came in the room and chained Max against wall.
“Come on it’s time” one of the other people said
All I could think about was what was going to happen,I ran my fingers over my eye and as we passed people in the hallway they stopped at what they were doing and stared at my eye.
I put a bomb in certain rooms of fortification and made them go off Max was outside and watched it happen with horror. Max ran back in picked me up and carried me outside hopped on a horse and ran.
Max and I had rode the horse back to the house and I had already turned to ashes and I had been blown away now Max was all alone in the darkness once more and he realized he was going to be alone for many years.In that case I can say that it is The End.

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