Who Am I?

March 15, 2017
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You may not believe me, but what I’m about to reveal to you is all true. TRUE like 100% right. No lies. All FACTS! Go ahead. Try putting a lie-detector on me. I’ll pass it. Still don’t believe me? It’s your fault then.
I was taking a stroll to the cemetery. Ok, when I mean I was taking a stroll to the cemetery, I did not mean that I was skipping and singing “la la la” with flowers in my hair. I’m not that weird. I meant that I was just taking a walk to the graveyard. Why? Today was Halloween, and on Halloween, I enjoy taking a walk to a cemetery and giving my respects to the ones who passed away even though I have no idea who they are.
I arrived at the cemetery and as usual, it looked like happiness would never replace the gloominess looming over the graveyard. There were not any flowers to brighten the colors of the place nor was there green grass. Luckily, I brought some flowers with me. The first tombstone I encountered said, “Albert Johnson R.I.P.” I bowed down toward it and sent my prayers to Albert Johnson. I paid my respects for a few more tombstones, when I suddenly froze at what was written on the next tombstone. “Sarah Koh The Best Sister.” The person who passed away had the same first name and last name as my newborn baby sister who was born five hours ago. Then, I heard a heavy thud. The tombstone with my sister’s name fell to the ground. The wind started blowing hard, but only swirled around it. The wind went faster and faster until the tombstone crumbled to dust. Then, the wind picked up the dust and carried it far away.
I stared in amazement at what I saw. I was about to continue paying my respects to more people when my heart crawled up to my throat and stopped working. Where the tombstone was was a grandma ghost. I don’t need to describe anymore because you can imagine how a ghost and a grandma looks like. Combine the two together, and you got a grandma ghost! By the way, ghosts are not floating sheet with two eyes and an open mouth. That’s a Halloween costume.
Anyway, what made me crawl into a ball was that the grandma was getting younger and younger bit by bit. Soon, she was in 80’s, then 70’s, then 60’s. Finally, she spoke.
“Ay, you’re the sister of the girl I’m going to become. I’m lucky. Very lucky. I hoped that we would be together. My wish came true. I can’t have a happy life without you. I already had a few unhappy ones without you. Ahh. If only you were there with me, all my lives would have been complete.”
“W-w-w-what do you mean? Are you going to possess me? Even though you’re a ghost, I have words as a weapon to hurt you. I-i-i can say an incantation. Ghosty ghosty begone you–”
“No no no. I’m not a scary ghost. Am I that scary looking? Ohh. Elissa! You don’t remember me, but I missed you so much!” Then, the ghost began to weep and wail. She kept sniffling and snuffling and mumbling “Ohh Elissa. My poor sister. Ohh.” I could not say anything because my voice would not work at all. If you saw a ghost who was becoming younger and was crying in front of you, you would not be able to speak either. Don’t judge me.
“Please calm down. Please explain to me what you are talking about, and who are you?”
“Ah. Elissa, you chose to be a feisty girl. You don’t need to know who I am. You’ll forget, and so will I. I’m glad we’re sisters in this life we’re going to have, Elissa, I will always love you.”
Then, the ghost closed her eyes and stayed still. She kept getting younger and younger. She became a teenager, then a child, and then finally, became a baby. The baby ghost started to glide toward my house and then went inside.
I dashed inside the house thinking that one of my family members will have glowing eyes showing that he or she was possessed, but instead I found something else. My mother was cooing in joy.
“Ohh. Sarah, you’re finally awake!”
The baby winked at me, and mouthed the words, “Elissa. Love you.” Well, it looked like the baby said it. She could have said, “Ga-ga gooh-gooh!” Then, her face became frigid. Her eyes closed, and her body stiffened. The baby then suddenly opened its eyes and cried.
“Shh. You must be hungry. Shh.”
Things clinked into me, and I understood why the grandma ghost called me Elissa. I understood what the grandma ghost was talking about. I was….(I don’t need to finish the story. You already know who I am. All the clues are there. Also, for people who still don’t believe me, you will find out in your afterlife, but then again, you’ll forget again when it’s your turn to have a new life).

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