R&S: The Bully

March 10, 2017
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“Stop it Ryan! Go back to your room I am taking your phone and your laptop you’re getting worse by the day, it’s all because of those gadgets and you’re not leaving this house for a MONTH!!! Are we clear?” snapped, Neil, Ryan’s dad. “Yes, dad” replied Ryan gloomily. That was just normal for Ryan his day started with him quarreling with his parents and ended up getting grounded. He was in the most troublesome period of his life and he was bullied at school. To make things worse he had a big sister, Ruth, who loved to see him being in trouble. Ryan was a normal kid with a straight black-brown hair. His cheeck bones were prominent on both side and he was comparatively fair skinned.

Ryan went back to his room murmuring something under his breath when Ryan showed up. His and Ryan’s room were on the opposite side of the same corridor on the 2nd floor. She spoke,”So the dweeb got into trouble again huh? Must be hard for him he has my pity.” “You better shut up Ryan you’re the reason I get into trouble in the first place” snapped Ryan. “Mom Ryan is blaming me again” shouted Ryan. “Ugh you’re so damn despicable” said Ryan and slammed his door. He went to bed. He didn’t want to sleep neither did he wanted to wake up. “Wish I never existed. No, wish they never existed.

The next day he woke up early. He couldn’t sleep nicely. He wished he never had woken up. Another day of torture. He wasn’t sure if he can go through all of it again. He got dressed and got of his room. He was going down the stairs when he tripped over and fell. Ryan laughed ”Well doofus lost your legs in your sleep?” He got up and walked towards the kitchen. He took a bowl of cereal and headed to school.

On his way to school he met Mike. “Hey punk tough guts walking this way again.” Mike said in a dominating voice. ”Mike, this is the only way to the school I have to use it.” Said Ryan. “No you don’t if you quit school.” Replied Mike. “Let me pass Mike please or else I’ll be late for school.” Pleaded Ryan then he ran off towards the school he heard Mike laughing while he ran.

On the very first period Mr. Roy the Principal came inside the class and brought with him a new student. ”Good Morning class hope you’re doing well let me introduce you to a transfer student. His name is Shreez.” Shreez gave a warm smile and waved his hand as a sign of hello. “Now Shreez there’s an empty seat beside Ryan why don’t you go and sit there? Now there’s a good lad.”

“Hi my names Ryan nice to meetchha.” Ryan quite liked the guy for Shreez looked like a kid with some positive vibes. He had once read in a magazine that if you surround yourself with people having positive vibes then your life can take a U-Turn from bad to good and he did looked quite cool so he thought it’d be nice to hang around him. “Hey there dude nice to meet you too.” Replied Shreez with a smile. “So is Mr. Roy always this grumpy?” asked Shreez. “If Ryan and Shreez are done with their conversation then we’d move on to the lessons.” Interrupted Miss Sharon.

In the recess Ryan saw Mike picking a fight with Shreez. “Mike it’s enough stop it.” Snapped Ryan. “What if I not? You gonna go and cry? Want your mommy? Beat it punk you’re not the target here. And it’s not your school.” Replied Mike. “He’s right Ryan stay away it’s not your school it’s my dad’s  and Mike I dare you 20 bucks stay after school in science class for half an hour.” Said Shreez in a challenging tone. “The deal is on.” Said Mike. Mike wouldn’t dare not believing Shreez even for a moment his tone seemed like he was merely telling the time of the day. “Now let him go” said Ryan. Mike got out of their way. “Are you insane? Why the hell would you ask him to stick around? Guess your bucket list is short.” Asked Ryan on their way back to class.” Oh don’t you worry do me a favor and head to class I’ll catch up ‘kay?” asked Shreez and zoomed across the hallway.

After school Ryan was waiting for Shreez to go to science class, when Mike showed up. ”Guess your little friend ain’t comin’ so you better pay up cuz I ain’t goin’ home empty handed.” “Guess again Mike.” Came Shreez’s answer from behind. “so we ready to go?”He asked again. “I guess so” replied Ryan. By the time they reached the class the school was empty except the three boys. “So, Mike why don’t you go and sit on the first bench?” asked Shreez. “Nobody tells me what to do punk NOBODY!” boomed Mike. “Ok Ok we get it chill dude” Ryan responded. Mike went and sat on the first bench. Shreez closed the door and plugged in a switch. “Now I want you to stay calm and don’t move because if you do I’ll turn on the switch and you’ll be electrocuted. See that wire it has covered the 90% of the classroom now if you move then everything inside that 90% will be electrocuted. Now that I and Ryan are on the other side it’s just you” said Shreez calmly. Mike couldn’t speak for some moments. He couldn’t believe that a new kid on his first day was able to trick him to this point. He seemed broken a bit. ”What do you want me to do?” asked Mike. “Nothing Mike, absolutely nothing. I just want you to talk.” Said Shreez with a grin on his face. On the other hand Ryan was getting none of it. None of it made sense to him. Why’d Shreez threaten Mike to electrocute him? Why’d Shreez want him to talk? What was he excepting to talk about? He was as dazzled as a march hare.

“Dour dad Mike he’s a drug dealer isn’t he?” asked Shreez. “I don’t know what are you talking about man my dad’s a businessman.” Said Mike with a stuttering tone. “Oh please don’t you go lying again I have noticed how you speak you don’t stutter when you’re talking normally you get nervous when you lie and you stutter.” Said Shreez. With the tone in his voice and his certainty for a moment it looked like it was a grown man speaking rather than a boy.”I bribed the liberian to help me access the student’s personal record your dad’s been arrested twice for it.” Said Shreez again. Ryan was amazed how he managed to gain so much information in one day. For a normal kid it’s hard fitting in but he managed to bind a bully in chains and also know his darkest secret. Ryan noticed that there was a drop of tear in the corner of Mike’s eye. Shreez managed to hit Mike in his weakest point. Ryan was seeing Mike the bully crying. This could be the news of the year thought Ryan.

“What do you want me to do?” sobbed Mike. “I want you to stop all this crap stop bullying.” Replied Shreez with a smile of satisfaction. “You don’t get it” snapped Mike in rage, “You’re treated fairly well in home you can do whatever you want well guess what? I don’t. My dad mistreats me and my mom. Always shouting, swearing beating. Once he even picked up a knife and put round mom’s neck. There was nothing I could do. There’s still nothing I can do.” At this moment Ryan’s eye’s filled with tears as well. All his life he’s been thinking ill of Mike but he never got to know him. Ryan never knew about his family. All this time he had been thinking that it’s only him with problems but that day he came to know that he was wrong all along. He realized that everyone had problems and at the moment Mike had the greater one. He noticed Shreez too but he couldn’t see ant traces of tears he seemed as calm as always. “Apparently there is something you can do Mike and at the moment there are two things first you can stop bullying and second you can teach your dad a lesson.” Said Shreez. “you don’t know his people they are very dangerous we don’t stand a chance” replied Mike wiping away his tears. Ryan exclaimed “We can call the police.”

“No, No, don’t you dare I haven’t been able to make friends because of that. Nobody wants to talk to me. My dad is not me. They don’t understand. Nobody does. I can’t make them believe that I am not like my dad.” Sobbed Mike. “Oh really I find it quite hard to believe as well. You show the basic characters of him.” Snapped Shreez without mercy. That was it. Mike started weeping. Ryan was crying too. He didn’t know why but he too was crying. “How could you, Shreez after hearing all that how could you say such things to him?” Shreez was still calm. He didn’t show any traces of any kind of reaction.” I can’t do it. No, I can’t be friendless again by sending my dad to jail” Said Mike “Well then either you can live like this or you can send your dad off to jail live a happy life with your mom.” Said Shreez. ”I told you I won’t have any friends” Said Mike again. “Know this if you send your dad off to jail nobody might be your friend except some well, at least two.” Hearing this Mike burst out again. Shreez spoke” And I have some confession to make. My dad doesn’t own this school he owns a company and the whole electrocuting thing was fake I thought that a fool who’s dumb enough to believe that my dad owns this school is sure to fall for this one I am sorry.” Mike laughed “you still owe me 30 bucks.”
After that some cop sirens were heard in the neighborhood later that evening. Ryan was finally feeling satisfied to know that he won’t be bullied again. The next morning his dad called “Hey Ryan I sorry I’ve been too hard on you please forgive me.” At that moment Ryan was going to say something really bad but he remembered Mike and replied “It’s ok dad happens to everyone sometime you just lose nerve no need to stress about it chill.” Ryan studied his dad’s face it was filled with love for him and it was more than enough. He was cut off when Ruth read out “Hey check this out a serious drug dealer had been caught a few blocks away yesterday evening, cool. Something wrong dweeb?” “No, No, I am absolutely fine.” He didn’t realize it but he was grinning. “hey Ryan Shreez is waiting for you outside said you’ll both be late for school if you don’t hurry up.” Said Ryan’s mom. ”Yeah, coming” replied Ryan.

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