New Holiday

March 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever thought to yourself that holidays are too far apart and though to yourself what if there was a new holiday? Maybe National junk food day or National sleeping day maybe even National free stuff day. If I were to make a new holiday I would call it ‘National Video Game day’. The whole day would be dedicated to playing video games. It doesn't matter what type of games or what platform you play the games on. You could play on a console, a computer, even your phone. Nobody is allowed to judge you based on the games you play: it's all about fun. Schools all around the country will be required to close school or still have school,  but they would have to let you play video games all day instead of school work.
The foods that would be ate on National Video Game day would be chips, because it's easy to eat chips and play videogames, and energy drinks would be needed to keep you awake playing video games until the end of the holiday.Of course, you can choose your own foods to eat, but those are just some suggestions; there's no pickiness when you’re gaming.  Most gamers are so into it they don't eat at all because they forget to eat.
The holiday would be held sometime in January. In January you don't have to worry about the nice day that is outside. Nobody wants to be outside in 5 degree weather. I feel that a lot of people would like this holiday, whether you like to play candy crush on your IPhone or Call of Duty on your PS4, we are all the same: we like the games we play and we have fun while playing them. That is until you get angry and throw your phone because you lost the level on candy crush for the 9 millionth time, or throw your controller at the wall because some camper in Call of Duty just spawn killed you. .
National Video Game day would also consist of national competitions around the United states. Ranging from pac-man tournaments to Call of Duty tournaments. So if you think you’re the best, get ready for National Video Game day where you could be labeled the best at your certain game. And maybe even get a nice prize to go along with it. If it takes practicing at your game all year to get ready for this holiday, I guess that's what you're gonna have to do. But you don't have to compete in these competitions, you can sit at home or at a friends and just play games as a hobby and enjoy yourself for the day.
National Video Game day would also have a cause. Each year there will be different donations that go on. What you do is you earn a sponsor if they think you're good enough to win the tournament of your desired game and what happens is if you win they get a prize that goes towards their foundation like the National Cancer Society and you get a prize also. Companies like that would be the only kind of sponsors allowed that way there's a really good cause for National Video Game day to occur. We could put thousands maybe even millions of dollars into research to cure all sorts of diseases.
In conclusion this holiday would bring joy to a lot of people. If you're a family with someone you love has cancer my holiday will bring money to research a cure for the cancer so that they will live. Or maybe your a foundation that wants to help research cures my holiday could help your foundation get going with some funds that you could win from a competition. This holiday is about having fun and helping others. Both are great things and I figured we should add them together.

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