Just One More

March 6, 2017
By Anonymous

I Started my morning workout as I always had done, a quarter mile sprint, followed by stretches. The outside was brisk, I could see the dew lying on the grass. I ran forward, as fast as my legs could carry me, until I reached the end of what I hd set out to run. I then started on my stretches. Each stretch helped relieve the soreness in my muscles.Once this important task had been completed I headed to the weight room and I started on my warm up reps, ensuring that I put a weight on that I could throw around easily.  I did about 20 reps of this and decided that was good enough as a warm up, anymore will only tire me. I started by selecting my weight. This time I believed that I could go up in weight on each of my sets by 10 pounds. I did my first set, flawless. No struggle at all, Thinking to myself that this is going to be too easy too. THen I began on my next set. I did this, but now I was thinking to myself that this was going to be a little bit harder than I originally thought. Then I put on the weight for my last set. I got about halfway through before I had to stop. “I can’t do it anymore”, I thought to myself. I paused for a split second with lots of doubt in my mind. I thought about the Air Force in that moment and how much I want to succeed there. It motivated me to attempt to finish the last of the reps. I got back to the bar and I pushed myself as hard as I could to finish. Each rep taking more and more out of me until I reached the last one. I had done it, somehow I was able to do. I found the will in me to not give up.

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